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Africa is considered the birthplace of mankind as the third continent by extension after Asia and America since the remains of the first hominids have been found there.

It is a reality as fascinating as it is rich in contrasts with problems of poverty, civil wars, child mortality, famine and low level of literacy.

Tourism is the most important factor in raising the country's fortunes, relying on the spectacular nature of the territory that alternates desert areas with the lush greenery of National Parks and priceless natural reserves, impressive nature surprises, ideal for fans of adventure that can thrive in the life of the country in thrilling safari, face to face with wildlife.

There is no lack of ideas for cultural emotions, including archeology, ancient civilizations, biblical references and now colorful chaotic cities, where you can get lost in the typical medinas, souks, riads, kasbahs and cafes while, for those who prefer to indulge in healthy leisure, many islands tropical charm, white beaches dotted with palm trees where the air smells of spice and where to find the typical postcard scenery: from Zanzibar to Cape Verde, from Mauritius to the Seychelles.