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Four times larger than Europe, Asia is the largest continent on earth, which is why, from country to country and from area to area, the differences are abysmal: we observe developed realities where industrialization has taken over, state-of-the-art urban centers dotted with towering skyscrapers and places where primitive lives are still to be found, isolated settlements involving rural areas or the top of high ground.

Given the great imbalances, the cases of political unrest and tensions that often result in real civil wars that prohibit access to tourists are not rare.

The East, however, is absolutely the land of the great empires and rich sultans as well as the cradle of ancient civilizations where you can be captivated by the charm of great palaces, monasteries, stupas, temples, bazaars, mosques and the enthralling spiritual wisdom that envelops you in a mystical atmosphere in which past and present coexist inviting the visitor to have new eyes to look at.

The show that is on the horizon is able to range from the breathtaking scenery of the Himalayan peaks to the postcard beaches of Indonesia or the Maldives passing through the chaotic and noisy metropolis invaded by shopping centers that peep to Western modernity with a sparkling nightlife or even tropical forests where to find one of the richest ecosystems in the world, such as in Malaysia.

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