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Destination: Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka, "the resplendent island" is an enchanting place, which has various treasures to offer. Start by visiting Colombo, on foot: The Pettah bazaar, the Viharamahadevi Park with its splendid trees, the luxurious residences of Cinnamon Gardens and the Fort neighborhood are all to be discovered.

Then follow with the spiritual heart of Sri Lanka, the city of Kandy: Set in a magnificent lake setting, enjoying a mild climate, it houses the Tooth Temple with its famous Buddhist Relic.

Go and see the elephants in Yala West National Park, where you can perhaps also see other wildlife such as bears, crocodiles, leopards...

Among the ancient cities of Sri Lanka, Anuradhapura is the largest, built around the Sri Maha Bodhi, the sacred banyan tree, which is 2,000 years of age. There are many museums and palaces there.

Adam's Peak is another amazing place in the country: Marked with a footprint at the top, it is a place of constant pilgrimage during the dry season, and the subject of many legends which attribute the footprint to Adam, Buddha, St. Thomas, or Shiva.

The Sri Lankans will add their smiles and generosity to these magical places and help make visits unforgettable.

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Top destinations in Sri Lanka are:

  • Sigiriya
  • Galle
  • Kandy
  • Polonnaruwa
  • Mirissa
  • Yala National Park
  • Colombo
  • Anuradhapura
  • Nuwara Eliya
  • Bentota


The climate in Sri Lanka is tropical, with an alternation between the monsoon and dry season that gradually sweeps through all regions of the island; however, this means that one part of the country is always enjoying great weather.

The season of Yala, from May to August, brings heavy rains to the south, west and centre. Maha season takes in its turn the monsoon from October to January to the northern and eastern parts. It would therefore be more pleasant to visit the west and south from December to March, and the east from May to September to take advantage of the dry season. The temperature is constant at around 27 ° C on the coast, both the air and the water!

Following a list of typical festival and celebrations of Sri Lanka.


by plane, main airports are:

by train

by car


country entry requirements: passport + visa (not needed for UE nationals, check your visa requirements)

health tips & vaccination: drink only bottled water and avoid ice

local currency: Sri Lankan Rupee

local time zone: GMT+5:30

electricity: type D, G and M (230 V, 50 Hz)

mobile phone operators:


typical food in Sri Lanka

  • Appam (hoppers): Bowl-shaped rice-flour and coconut milk pancakes, often served with a soft-baked egg on top.
  • Idi Appa (stringhoppers): Squashed nests of fine rice noodles.
  • Roti: Sri Lankan flatbread, often made with coconut, which accompanies most meals.
  • Kottu roti: A stir-fried dish made from vegetables, egg and pieces of roti, chopped on the hotplate with special knives.
  • Lamprais: Rice, curry and meatballs wrapped in a banana leaf and baked in the oven.
  • Koola'ya: Leftover curries, mixed together with rice and served in blended balls; often found at Hindu temples.
  • Pol sambol: A Sri Lankan condiment, made from ground coconut, salt, fish, chillies and onions.
  • Short eats: Sri Lankan savoury snacks, including small pastries and egg rolls.
  • Pittu: Cylinders of ground rice layered with grated coconut and steamed.
  • Kool: A seafood stew made with flour from roots of the palmyra palm, with prawns, squid, crab and vegetables, originally from Jaffna in the north.
  • Tē (tea): The national drink, said to be amongst the best in the world.
  • Toddy: Mildly alcoholic fermented drink that is tapped from palm trees – often illegally – and drunk across Sri Lanka.
  • Arrack: A potent liquor made from the sap of palm trees.
  • Fresh coconut water: Served straight from the shell all over the country.
  • Lion: The country's national beer.

souvenirs from Sri Lanka

  • precious stones and gems
  • batiks
  • masks
  • spices
  • gold and silver jewellery
  • wood, bone or brass handicrafts
  • terracotta or ceramics handicrafts
  • baskets
  • straw hats
  • reed and coir mats
  • Batik fabric
  • cottons, ryons, silks
  • fine laces
  • leather
  • basketwork products
  • lacquerware
  • masks depicting queens, kings, demonic birds and snake spirits


Hello: Vaṇakkam

Goodbye: Kuṭpai

How are you?: Eppaṭi irukkiṟīrkaḷ?

Thank you: Naṉṟi

What is your name?: Uṅkaḷ peyar eṉṉa?

How much is it?: Itu evvaḷavu?

Sorry: Maṉṉikkavum

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