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Last but not least: although it was the last continent to be discovered by Europeans, Oceania is without a doubt one of the most heavenly realities on earth, the forbidden dream of every traveler.

There were many sailors who organized expeditions to discover the unknown, Magellan before, between 1519 and 1521 and J. Cook later, between 1768 and 1779, journeys that allowed to trace the lines of that unknown horizon that recalled the 'attention of powers such as Britain, France, the United States, Spain, the Netherlands and Germany who shared the spoils.

It was only after World War II that, as a result of the process of decolonization, many managed to conquer independence again.

His is a true mosaic of races, but the one that most attracts attention is nature, the absolute protagonist with breathtaking sceneries so magically intact between jagged coasts, tropical forests, volcanoes and crystalline atolls that plunge into the waters of the Pacific Ocean, remote islands, colorful fish, beautiful beaches and rich biodiversity.

Polynesia, Melanesia, Micronesia, Australia, and New Zealand: names that seem almost magical formulas, many suggestions that recall, strong that being at the Antipodes of the world.