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Funiculars what a beauty: these are the most beautiful in Italy

In the era of high-speed, ultra-technological connections, funiculars remain a means of transport that can still give emotions. From the historic funicular of the Mendola, to the very modern one of Mondovì: here are a selection of 11 most beautiful in Italian funiculars.

In the enchanted forest of monarch butterflies

Almost halfway between Mexico City and the beautiful city of Morelia, a very special nature reserve has been established. It is the Mariposa Monarca Reserva (Reserve of the Monarch Butterfly).

Taste of Greece: typical Greek food you should try

The Greek gastronomy is of ancient tradition and is a typical Mediterranean cuisine that makes use almost exclusively of typical Mediterranean products, such as olive oil, lamb meat, fish and excellent vegetables: courgettes, aubergines, tomatoes, peppers in particular.

Taste of Hungary: typical Hungarian food you should try

The characteristic taste of the Hungarian cuisine is the result of a development rooted in the history of the same people. The know-how is based on the climatic qualities, on the legacy of traditional breeding and on the manufacture of food products.

In Hungarian cuisine, the first course is almost always broth or some aromatic soup. This is followed by a meat dish that is often prepared together with the side dish such as stuffed sauerkraut, potato pie, baked shin, etc. The pickled vegetables in a sweet and sour blend well with the meat dishes. 

Desserts are varied and often are prepared at home. Traditional Hungarian confectionery as well as basic ingredients such as milk, flour, egg uses ricotta, seasonal fruit, jams, walnuts and poppy seeds.

What to do if the baggage is lost?

We always hope will not happen but, traveling a lot, the chance it would happen is high. Let's than talk about how to claim for lost baggage.

Taste of Czech Republic: typical Czech food you should try

The Czech cuisine, with its tasty and nutritious dishes, is for strong stomachs and demanding palates. Simple and rustic, it is based above all on meat dishes.

Being the Czech Republic in the heart of Europe, its cuisine could only be influenced by neighboring countries, from Germany to Austria, from Poland to Slovakia. All countries known for their rather strong culinary traditions. However, this did not prevent the Czech gastronomy from distinguishing itself, affirming its own originality.

Within the country, the peak region, not only from the culinary point of view, is Bohemia, where the capital Prague is located. Here, the presence of neighboring Bavaria can be felt but does not clash because the Czechs have been able to add interesting culinary variations.

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