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2016 ranking of most livable (and the worst) cities in the world!

Which are the most livable cities in the world in 2016? And the worst? Let's find out with the annual list, compiled by the American consulting firm Mercer.

Mercer Quality of Living Survey is the ranking compiled annually by the US consulting firm that analyzes the quality of life in the main cities of the world, based on 39 evaluation criteria based on politic, social, economic and environmental factors.

The top 10 most livable cities in 2016

For the eighth consecutive year, Vienna was voted the most livable city in the world. In general are the German-speaking cities that are confirmed at the top of Mercer's ranking: in addition to the Austrian capital we find in the top ten also Zurich and four German cities. This year also confirmed the excellent quality of life of Canadians and New Zealand cities.

Surprisingly, however, famous cities, considered important touristic and emigration destinations such as Paris, London, Barcelona or New York, are outside the top 35 positions. Here are the details of the top ten cities of the 18th Mercer Quality of Living Survey:

1. Vienna (Austria)


2. Zurich (Switzerland)


3. Auckland (New Zealand)


4. Munich (Germany)


5. Vancouver (Canada)


6. Dusseldorf (Germany)


7. Frankfurt (Germany)


8. Geneva (Switzerland)


9. Copenhagen (Denmark)


10. Sydney (Australia)


The worst cities for livability in 2016

As you can imagine, the bottom of the Mercer ranking includes the city of countries in conditions of underdevelopment or affected in recent years by bloody conflicts, such as the Syrian capital Damascus or Baghdad, the Iraqi one. Bellow the last 10 positions of the Mercer Quality of Living Survey for 2016:

221. Conakry (Republic of Guinea) 

222. Kinshasa (Democratic Rep. Of Congo) 

223. Brazzaville (Congo - Brazzaville) 

224. Damascus (Syria)

225. N'Djamena (Chad) 

226. Khartoum (Sudan) 

227. Port-au-Prince (Haiti) 

228. Sana'a (Yemen) 

229. Bangui (Central African Republic) 

230. Baghdad (Iraq) 

In which city do you live in and in which would you like to live? Share your thoughts with a comment below!