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A strange pink lake

The geography here made a strange joke to this lake basin with salty waters. Australia's lake is pink, is not colored with photoshop but it is really this color!

Western Australia

It's called Lake Hillier and is in a fairly remote location on an island in the south of Australia, in the state of Western Australia. It is the Middle Island, the archipelago of the Recherche. The nearest town is Esperance on the Australian mainland. The pink color is less pronounced when viewed up close but it is very intense when viewed from above.

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A natural color

There are helicopter tours that allow you to look down on the lake, but you cannot land on the island, once was mined salt from the basin, but today is protected by a nature reserve. Near the town of Esperance there is another pond with the same characteristics that can be seen more easily.

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Lake Hillier

This pink lake amidst the strangest lakes in the world, is a delight for the eyes and its color stands out even more when viewed from above, because it is opposed to the cobalt blue Pacific Ocean nearby. The Hillier lake is quite small, measuring only 600 meters long and 250 wide, but with this color stands out amidst the vegetation and looks bigger.

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The reasons for this color

The reason for this its color is not yet explained by scientists, the most likely hypothesis refers to the presence of the micro-alga Dunaliella salina, but another explanation speaks of the presence of halophilic bacteria in the salt crusts. The navigator and cartographer Matthew Flinders discovered the lake in 1802 and took some samples of its waters.


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Very strange, but also very beautiful! It is amazing what Mother Nature is able to create! Have you ever been there? Have you seen other amazing nature's creations around the world? As always I wait for your comments below!