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The mystery of the volcano with the blue lava

The mystery of the volcano with the blue lava Source: Thinkstock

In the day the Kawah Ijen looks like a ordinary volcano, in the night changes color and turns blue phosphorescent.

Kawah Ijen, the volcano with the blue lava

Kawah Ijen volcano, in the day when it erupts red fire flames seems a "ordinary volcano". At night, however the lava turns blue phosphorescent.

The volcano Kawah Ijen, Indonesia


Source: Thinkstock

The blue color is due to the presence of sulfur, present in high quantities also at the liquid state. The sulfur passes through the volcanic vents reaching the surface of the volcano.

The blue flames of the volcano Kawah Ijen


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The blue, high flames, can reach 5 meters. A part of the gas condenses into liquid and ignites again.

Kawah Ijen, blue lava is dangerous


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Since National Geographic spoke about the blue volcano, tourists have increased. To reach the crater rim you have to walk two hours, plus another 45 minutes to the shore. Blue fire emerges from the cracks at temperatures up to 600 ° C. When the liquid sulfur passes through the vents and reaches the surface, it gives off a lethal gas for humans.

Kawah Ijen, on the blue volcano the more acid lake in the world


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The lake on the summit of the volcano is the largest acid lake in the world. Its waters feed the Banyupahit River, whose waters are in fact rich in metals with negative consequences on the ecosystem of the valley.

Amazing view! Isn't is? Have you seen it? Would you go to see it or are you scarried by volcanos? Have you already seen other interesting volcanos? I wait for your comments below!