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The black list of airlines banned in the European Union

The blacklist of airlines' names has been updated to ensure that European passengers a higher level of security.

The black list of airlines barred by the European Union was created after a number of incidents occurred in the skies of Europe and in the airports of major European countries.

The result of the addition to the European black list is the ban on transit due to a security issue. Today, some 214 airlines worldwide remain completely excluded from European airspace.

Periodically, the list is updated with the inclusion of new air transportation companies. Others, such as Air Madagascar, which leads straight to the island of lemurs, are gradually excluded from the blacklist.

The black list of airlines is born for the safety of passengers, seen as the main priority in the European policy. At the same time trying to maintain high quality standards, at least as regards the services at airports and on board of the aircraft. In this regard, the European Union launched the so-called Aviation Strategy that aims, as a primary objective the improvement of the offering and raising the levels of security, to ensure that air disasters are completely avoided.

Recently, an update of the black list has been made, giving the green light to fly in the skies of Europe to some major global carriers.

Besides the already mentioned Air Madagascar, received the permit to fly even the Lion Air, Citilink and Batik Air, all three airlines of Indonesian origin. Soon it will tried to take other steps forward, to the exclusion from the blacklist companies from Zambia.

Also airlines from the Middle East, such as Iran Air, for example, will shortly return to fly in the skies of Europe.

It is expected that after the last update of the blacklist of airlines, in it will remain about 214 companies from more than 19 countries around the world. Given the European Union's policies it is not excluded the possibility that within a year since the last update are also deleted the Iraqi Airways and Blue Wing Airlines. To read the complete list of blocked airlines, just connect to the official website of the EU's transport and scroll through the list of air carriers subject to an operating ban in the EU.

Read the updated full list of banned airlines on the EU website.

Have you flied with EU banned companies? Your experience?