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5 underrated countries that are worth visiting

Belize, Malaysia, Ecuador, Cambodia and Honduras is where planning future trips according Thrillist.



Those in search of sun will find satisfaction from the long sandy beaches that run along the reef in the Caribbean Sea. Hikers in Belize will find mountains, waterfalls and caves where venture. Visit Caye Caulker, a small island off the coast of Belize City, the paradise for backpackers.



Tropical beaches and low cost accommodation: these are two good reasons to go to Malaysia. The passage of different cultures such as Chinese, Indian and Thai made it a unique place. Guests can visit the Gunung Mulu National Park in Borneo, this site includes caves and karst formations that leave you speechless.



The ideal destination for those looking for an adventurous trip with a small budget. Cuisine, culture and biodiversity in this country is unparalleled, especially if you consider the Galapagos Islands. Hikers, campers and extreme sports enthusiasts can "get their teeth", there are trails to explore, rivers, canyons and volcanoes



This country collects the legacies of various rulers, including China, Malaysia and France. Both Hinduism and Buddhism have influenced the culture of Cambodia. It is not very popular as a tourist destination because Thailand and Vietnam tend to attract mass tourism. A visit of the archaeological site of Angkor Wat, is a must.



Country not advertised as Mexico and Costa Rica, otherwise it would be an even more popular destination. Honduras is rich of treasures and Mayan ruins, beautiful natural parks, dive spots and volcanic lakes. Traveling with responsibility, it a safe place, as many American students and tourists who visit the country without incidents. The island of Roatan is a paradise, to visit absolutely.

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