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The 10 ugliest hotels in the world

British newspaper The Telegraph made a ranking of the 10 ugliest hotels in the world. Let’s discover the buildings with plants, animals, geometric shapes and eco-monsters built around the world.

El Algarrobico, Spain


This eco monster would have to open its doors in Almeria, Andalusia, in 2006, but was considered illegal by the Spanish authorities. Not for its ugliness, but because it is built too close to the sea and within the protected area of Cabo de Gata National Park. According to the plans it should be demolished, but it would cost millions. Therefore it is still there!

Ryugyong Hotel, North Korea


Has 105 levels and is nicknamed "the hotel of the sentence" and one of the ugliest buildings in the world according to the Telegraph. It was built over twenty years ago and was revolutionary for the times… definitely not now….

First World Hotel, Malaysia


This monster counts 6,118 hotel rooms, the fourth largest in the world. The harlequin colors that decorate the façade serve to cheer the guests, but do not really like to those seeking luxury and class. Unless they have no children!

Tianzi Hotel, Langfang, China


This hotel which has the form of three Chinese traditional gods is like something out of an amusement park. Fu (happiness), Lu (thankfully) and Shou (longevity). The god of good taste maybe was not available.

Dog Bark Park Inn, Idaho, United States


This hotel in the shape of a giant Beagle is famous all over the world in spite of being in a remote village of the American province surrounded by fields. The owners wanted to be original. Maybe a little too.

Inntel Amsterdam Zaandam, Netherlands


The architect who built this building was said to have been inspired by the homes in the Zaanstreek region, in the North of Holland. On why he decided to stack the houses on top of each other, however, is still unexplained

Royal Towers Atlantis, Paradise Island, Bahamas


Straight out of a Disney movie, and perhaps likes to Americans who use to hang out at Las Vegas, but it certainly is not the hotels for those with great taste. The Bridge Suite, which connects the two halves of the building, costs a cool 19,000 euro per night!!!

Grand Lisboa, Macau


Considered the Las Vegas of the East, and a bit the quirky Macao it is. This building is the most iconic of the city and is downright ugly.

Hotel Spirit, Bratislava


This Slovak hotel looks like it came from the mind of the poor brother of Antoni Gaudí. Definitely a bad attempt!

Holiday Inn, Sarajevo


This hotel is famous for hosting dozens of war correspondents during the four years of siege in Sarajevo. It was seriously damaged during the war and rebuilt with a pale yellow facade. Today it is called the 'holiday hotel'.


Have you ever stayed at one of these hotels? Have you encountered other ugly hotels? I wait for your comments below.