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Fruits and vegetables: 10 oddities around the world

Nature never ceases to amaze. Just look at this selection of fruits and vegetables to find out that behind rough peel and strange shapes, they hide, in fact, nutritious food, good to taste and with thousand beneficial properties.

Roman broccoli

Source: wikimedia

First place can only be dedicated to him.

Zucchini (Yellow Squash)

Source: pixabay

How many types of zucchini do you know? Have you ever came across the "yellow squash"? With a flavor similar to pumpkin is one of the most beautiful and fun varieties of zucchini existing in nature!

Dragon fruit

Source: pixabay

Native to Central and South America, it is commonly cultivated in all countries with tropical climate. Beautiful and good (in all senses) because of its many beneficial properties.

Hand of Buddha

Source: flikr

Does it resembles a hand or not? In fact, they call it exactly, "the hand of the Buddha". Growing in China, North India and Japan in small bushes, has a taste very similar to the cedar.


Source: pixabay

From Central and South America, one of the most beautiful fruits in the world: physalis. Belonging to the same family as the tomato, this fruit has a taste similar to gooseberries, sweet and juicy.


Source: wikimedia

Grown in tropical and hot countries of Africa, is a special fruit flavor similar to that of asparagus. Perfect if fried in batter or just stir-fry!


Source: flickr

From Africa, a big fruit nice and good. Useful for the immune and circulatory system, it is a primary source of elements such as potassium and iron.


Source: pubblicdomainpictures.com

A rough prickly rind and looking similar to cucumber, but not sweet at all. Really one of bitterest varieties of vegetable existing in nature but by the infinite beneficial properties such as the regulation of blood sugar.


Source: flikr

Mark Twain once referred to Cherimoya as one of the most delicious fruit ever known to man. From Argentina, the cherimoya fruit is a sweet and fleshy, beautiful to look at and delicious to taste.


Source: wikimedia

Another great exotic fruit, the jackfruit. It has within it a real treasure: many small seeds covered with a sweet fibrous flesh.

Do you eat local fruit and vegetables? What's the strangest food have you eaten? Which is your favorite exotic fruit? Share your experience with a comment below!