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The 12 most photographed places in the world

Who during a trip has not taken at least one picture to keep live the moment? We all do, some more than others. Anyone wants to save an image of the square, the street or the landscape that catched us.

Panoramio, Google's photo-sharing site, make it possible to map the most photographed places in the world. The dark areas are the least photographed, red and yellow ones those most photographed.

12. Madrid

Europe, the old continent, is the most photographed of all. Among the various cities Madrid is in twelfth place and, to be more precise, the most photographed place in Madrid is the Plaza Mayor.

11. Prague

Other European capital in the list! Prague, the city with its astronomical clock, the oldest working clock in the world, is the eleventh most photographed city.

10. Budapest

Source: wikimedia

The most photographed spot in Budapest is the St. Stephen's Basilica.

9. Buenos Aires

Let's move to South America, and fly up to the most photographed place in Buenos Aires, the Caminito, a street full of colorful buildings, shops and street artists.

8. Florence

The Piazzale Michelangelo in Florence is known as the place not to miss to take a picture of the stunning panorama of Florence, the capital of Renaissance art and architecture.

7. Monte Carlo, Monaco

Source: wikimedia

If you go to Monte Carlo you could not, not take a picture of the Hotel de Paris, a luxury hotel appeared in two James Bond films.

6. Venice

Could never be missed Venice with its bridges and homes that overlook the Grand Canal.

5. Istanbul

The beautiful Turkish city offers several scenarios for the photo enthusiast. The profile of the Blue Mosque at sunset is a spectacle for the eyes and the lens of your camera.

4. Paris

The romantic Paris is in fourth place, but we were surprised to find that the most photographed spot in Paris for Panoramio users is not the Eiffel Tower, but the neon lights of the Moulin Rouge. Symbol of the Belle Epoque, the French cabaret gave birth to the famous can-can.

3. Barcelona

The most photographed place in Barcelona is the Park Güell, the Gaudí colorful and modernistic park.

2. Rome

Rome ranks as the second most photographed city in the world. The most photographed point? The Trinita dei Monti, a Roman Catholic church that stands above the Spanish Steps.

1. New York

New York ranks as the most photographed city in the world. The most photographed place is not the Empire State Building or Central Park, but the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum. Frank Lloyd Wright designed the building to be a continuous spiral, where visitors walk around the whole museum on a gently sloping ramp.

Which of these twelve places have you also photographed? Leave a comment below!