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The travel essentials to pack in your luggage

You’ve done everything: booked your flight, check a hostel/hotel, saved enough money and now you think you are ready to go after the destination’s coolest attractions.

But, stop for a minute and check the following traveling essentials you might be missing. The country where you’ll be traveling may surprise you with different things than the expected, so these essentials are nonnegotiable when traveling abroad.

Travel documents copies

travel documents

According to USA Today, when traveling abroad is better to make few copies of your passport, visas or driving license. Keep these copies in a separate area of the original ones. Also in a time of smartphones, it is clever to take a picture of them and send them on email, of course, to be password protected.

Travel health kit

travel health kit

It is clear that you will bring some medications on your trip, but taking a mini health kit with all the emergency essentials may come up as a very useful thing. Travelers should always tailor their personal health kit to fit the destination they’re visiting. Different antibiotics, pain relievers, the basic first-aid supplies, antihistamines, and decongestants should always be part of the kit.

Surge protector and adapter

When traveling abroad you should not forget on the surge protector, to make sure your electronics don’t fry in a case of different surge strengths. Also, adapters for your cell phone, camera, bathroom appliances should be packed on the begging of packing since these stuff knows to be forgotten often.

Baby wipes

You don’t need to have a kid to take baby wipes with you when traveling abroad. Whatever is the intention of using them – no soup in the bathroom, out of toilet paper in some public toilet or just something to wipe your face and refresh a little, they are something that every traveler should have on the trip.

Plastic grocery bags

It doesn’t matter really will you be on a snowy mountain or some exotic beach, you will need some plastic bag to keep your wet clothes . Therefore, you will have these grungy items separated from the rest of the clothes.


day pack

When traveling abroad, you’ll probably take your suitcase. But, he won’t be very useful for your daily walks. You’ll need some traveling day-pack where you can keep your wallet, phone, passport and some other small essentials. They are a better option than a backpack in this case since it can be in different sizes and shapes and fit easily in the suitcase.

Protein bars

protein bars
Being active all day long will wake up your appetite, so having protein bars in your pocket while you are exploring the place will be great. Your hunger will be satisfied due to the amount of calories and proteins they have, and also you’ll save some money on buying some expensive meals.

Appropriate footwear

Being a traveler means you’ll spend most of your time on foot, so having the perfect pair of shoes with you is essential. This doesn’t mean to pack everything you own, but closed-toe shoes that will be comfortable and ideal for all-day walking.

Waterproof/windproof jacket

There’s nobody that would like to be stuck in the rain when traveling, so the waterproof jacket is a must essential to bring on your trip. When choosing a jacket, try to be both in one- the wind and waterproof, lightweight and of course with pocket. Therefore, it can be easily packed in the luggage and at the same time will be comfortable and useful.

What do you think, is this list true? Are we missing something? As always I wait for your comments below!

Source: Goodfuntime.com