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Tell me what kind of traveler are you and discover your ideal trip

Do you feel romantic, adventurous, emotional? Choose the ideal destination based on your personality.

Travelling is a way to first discover yourself. How do we behave in front of certain situations? How do we organize free time? What reaction do we have when facing an unexpected event?

All questions to which we can find an answer only by experiencing certain experiences. On the other hand, if "not all people are equal", it is equally true that not all travellers are equal, and for each personality, there is a goal that can reflect its characteristics and attitudes.

If you are an introspective person, who likes to enjoy the journey as an opportunity for reflection, nothing better than a nice itinerary to deal with on foot to stimulate your spirit.

The Tuscan countryside offers one of the most beautiful landscapes, otherwise, you can discover the Cotswolds, the sweetest hills between England and Wales.

On the other hand, there are those who, in the journey, seek contact with the inhabitants of the place, to allow themselves to be guided in the most hidden corners and stories. If you are a city traveller, focus on cities where people can open their hearts, like Naples, full of charm and full of aspects to discover.

If you want to take only the essentials with you and love to let yourself be surprised, in short, if you are feeling adventurous travellers, you are looking for a place to discover. Tibet and the Himalayan mountains can be considered the mother of all adventures, but even a safari in Kenya or Tanzania can amaze you at any time.

A similar attitude can be found in the emotional traveller, the one who on a journey loves to be surprised, but by the aspects able to touch his deepest chords. Whether travelling alone, in pairs or with one's family, the ideal destinations are cities deeply marked by history such as Berlin, Rome or Moscow.

Finally, there is the romantic traveller, who loves to enjoy the experience as a couple, but who at the same time wants to be excited and identify with the place he visits. Paris is the romantic city par excellence, but even Lisbon can involve you in an unpredictable way. In Italy instead, try to discover Florence or Verona.