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What to do if the baggage is lost?

We always hope will not happen but, traveling a lot, the chance it would happen is high. Let's than talk about how to claim for lost baggage.

You have just come back from a holiday abroad or a business trip to Europe, you are tired and eager to get home and in a hurry you go to the conveyor belt where you are anxious for your baggage to appear. What to do if after a few minutes of waiting you realize you have lost your luggage?

Well, the first step is to go to the Baggage Assistance Office. More often than not it is more than enough to regain your personal baggage.

But what to do if this time you're not so lucky and your suitcase was lost for real?

Then it will be time to request a form to be filled out carefully called the Baggage Irregularity Report. Despite the somewhat serious name, this document will entitle you to a basic necessity kit, always in case you are in a different city from that of residence.
At this point there will not be much to do but enjoy your holiday or go to the long-awaited business meeting, hoping that nothing too important or essential was contained in the lost suitcase. In fact, it will take about 45 days of waiting before being able to consider it definitively lost and to proceed with the next phase.

Only after this time can you request a refund for the lost suitcase

At this point you will only to take the Baggage Irregularity Report, which was issued when your baggage was lost, and a receipt of the airline ticket or boarding pass with the baggage tag. These documents will be sent to the airline, to the lost baggage section, and after a few days you will receive the desired answer.