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The Camino de Santiago: useful tips

What to put in the pilgrim's backpack? How to follow the directions, where to stop in the hostels? This are only a few things that many would like to know about the Camino de Santiago.

Over the years, the pilgrims have left to future patrons a series of suggestions and ideas on how to better live the Way of Saint James without too much effort and enjoying the best of the company of other pilgrims.

First of all pay attention to what you put in the "mochila", the backpack of the pilgrim. It will seem strange, but it is really not enough to live every day on the Camino de Santiago. Organizing well you can live the journey in a carefree way and without any problems. A beauty-case with the bare necessities: just one soap will be enough for the body, the hair and the clothes. Needle and thread instead are important, is the best way to treat the "Ampollas", ie the bladders of the pilgrim.

No more than three pairs of thick socks and three pieces of intimate stuff are all you will need.

Every evening we must wash our clothes: it is useless to bring changes for a week and unnecessarily burdens the backpack. To put on the rucksack the not dry clothes from the evening before we recommend the classic and traditional safety pins. It is not strange to see pilgrims along the Camino de Santiago with their knickers and socks hanging from their rucksacks.

One change of outer clothing in addition to that worn on you will be enough, especially if you get those of technical and modern fabrics, very light and dry in a short time.

A k-way will be much more comfortable than the common umbrella. Some basic medications are recommended, even if along the Camino de Santiago there is certainly no lack of pharmacies.

And now we come to what is perhaps the most important thing: shoes!

To walk the Camino de Santiago, you need trekking bladders but absolutely never use new shoes: they must be used, so they already have the shape of your foot.

A pair of rubber slippers for showers and light shoes for the evening are also essential for resting your feet.

A nice camera of those compact and light or the camera phone and a small notebook for your notes are essential.

Instead, leave your headphones at home, but communicate with pilgrims from all over the world as this is a unique experience that will make you special friends forever.