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The 10 best cities in the world for vegetarians

Nowadays there are many people who make gourmet vacations, looking for the most typical products, the best restaurants, and traditional cuisines.

There are also increasingly demanding travelers, who choose the destination based on their diets, such as vegans and vegetarians. Below we report the 10 best cities in the world for vegetarian and vegan tourists, looking for the perfect meat-free lunch.

The list was compiled with a review of thousands of tourists, who left their opinion in over 250 cities. The parameters were: the number of vegetarian restaurants per capita, the environment, and prestige.


As it could not be otherwise, the city that never sleeps hosts an annual Vegetarian Food Festival, with over 100 exhibitors, events, conferences, and markets. In addition to this, New York has 1 restaurant or places vegetarian for every 2107 inhabitants, with an overall score of 4.19 out of 5. Do not miss the Seasoned Vegan, a family restaurant, which offers gourmet soul food (typical dishes of Southern states), which uses 100% organic products and excellent raw materials. If there is still room for dessert (or for a snack) try the more classic donuts, but vegans at Dun Well Donuts



Perhaps it should pass in the first place, with 1 vegetarian restaurant for every 612 inhabitants, but you know the charm of the Big Apple always wins. The Portland clubs, however, approach the New York mean, with a 4.18 / 5. Don't miss the Portland Farmers Market, organized inside the university campus, where over 140 stands sell organic products, some of which are hand-ground (such as cheese). For dinner try the Portobello Vegan Trattoria, Italian vegetarian and vegan cuisine from brunch to snack to dinner.


The main city in northern Thailand, the capital of the province of the same name, is home to Pun Pun, the largest center for food self-sufficiency and one for safeguarding the seeds of endangered plants and trees. Within Pun Pun there are two restaurants, an organic farm and a research center. During certain periods of the year, the Pun Pun center hosts volunteers who help with product collection or on the farm. In addition to this, Chiang Mai offers 1 vegetarian restaurant for every 879 inhabitants, with an average of 4.29 / 5. try the Salsa Kitchen, the city's best Mexican restaurant, and the Bamboo Bee Vegetarian Restaurant.


Defined in 2015 as the New Capital of Vegetarianism by Savor's Good Taste, Berlin offers 1 vegetarian restaurant per 2100 inhabitants, with an overall average of 4.21 points out of 5. Try Vego Foodworld in the city, the best vegetarian fast food in Berlin.


Saigon. The dark side of Vietnam.

About 85% of the population practices Buddhism, which means (among other things) that the first and fifteenth days each month of the lunar calendar eat vegetarian. Here there is 1 vegetarian restaurant for every 20,000 inhabitants, with an average of 4.16 / 5. Try the Com Chay Mani or the Bông Súng, among the best in the city.


With 1 vegetarian restaurant for every 1500 inhabitants, the city of Prague is one of the new meat-free capitals. In fact, one of the most popular traditional dishes is vegetarian: it is the Smazeny Syr, based on fried cheese served with tartar sauce. If you are in town try the Moment Bistro, for breakfasts, brunches and baked goods, or the Clear Head, a true experience of relaxation and good food.


The city where the first true Vegetarian Society in the world was founded could not be missing in 1847. In London you will find a vegetarian restaurant for every 900 inhabitants, with an average of 4.02 / 5. Try The Gate (which also offers children's menus) or the Jai Krishna one of the best Indian vegetarian restaurants in the city.


The most typical dishes here are Kimbap (a vegetarian sushi) and Bibimbap (rice with a mix of vegetables and eggs). In Seoul you will find a vegetarian restaurant for about 50,000 inhabitants, and the average is 4.12 / 5. Try the Sanchon whose dishes are based on vegetables, seeds and herbs harvested on the same day, and the Plant Cafe, which in addition to a tasty kitchen offers excellent baked goods.



With a restaurant for every 5000 inhabitants, Delhi is one of the few cities where every product must be marked as vegetarian (with green dot) or not. Not to be missed are the Veg Gulati which offers traditional cuisine from Northern India, and Imly, with traditional Indian, Chinese and a touch of street food.


Taipei, Taiwan

The city, with a vegetarian restaurant for every 3000 inhabitants, has made a reputation for serving excellent vegetarian dishes using soy as a meat substitute. Try the Ooh Cha Cha, undoubtedly the best vegan in the city, and the Herban which offers an excellent vegetarian menu, but also dishes prepared at the customer's request.