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Terrific flights: world’s most daring airstrips

On the ice, in the canyons, among cliffs and mountains: land is not always easy and to be on board, in these cases, requires a lot of courage. From the Caribbean to Malaysia to the South Pole, here is the unknown routes with really scary landing strips.

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The 10 best world airports

It is time of the annual ranking of the best international airports in the world, according to the specialized website Skytrax.

Ranking of 2015 worst airlines carriers

According to the specialized site Skytrax, the air carrier Air Koryo of North Korea is confirmed for the fourth consecutive year as the worst airline company of 2015, in the ranking of the worst carriers in the world are not lacking some surprises.

Win the fear of flying!

Airplanes. The safest, most convenient, and time efficient (with the exception of teleportation) means of globetrotting. But not everyone can hop on a plane and float off to a foreign destination (at least not without going into near cardiac arrest). Fear of flying is more common than you think. Here’s how to get the best of it.

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