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How to plan (and enjoy) the perfect city break with kids

Today's guest post is an extract from a interesting article about how to organize a citybreak with kids. Every parent knows how difficult is to travel with very young children, but there are some tricks to manage this job and have fun together. Let's dicover Marta's 10 tips.

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10 essential travel apps

In today's world, one of the thing a traveller always has in his pocket is a smartphone. On the app stores you can find an App for every use, also for traveling.

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5 Tips For Traveling With An Introvert

Today's guest post written by Susann catched my attention, probably because I always appreciated people extrovert, looking comfortable in every occasion, captivating the attention and fondness of the others.

However, if everybody would be an extrovert the world probably would be too noisy; therefore how to recognize and travel with an introvert person, integrating each other and having fun together? 

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