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Origins of the Highland Games

It seems that their origin sinks into the mists of time, when in the rough lands north of the British island the inhabitants began to challenge each other in the most bizarre and far-fetched disciplines, probably in order to fix a sort of social hierarchy to which they then submit all community activities.

La Calabiuza: the Feast of the Dead in Tonacatepeque

El Dia de la Calabiuza, or the Feast of the Dead (November 1), it is a parade for the streets of Tonacatepeque a municipality of the Department of San Salvador, where citizens are transformed for a day into “Living Dead”, dressing in costume and painting their faces so as to remember their dead relatives and […]

Where to go in December: Asia

If you are planning a trip to Asia? Here the best annual festivals that will make you discover the folklore of China, Japan, and Turkey.

Where to go in December: Europe

The last month of the year is linked directly with Christmas and the New Year celebrations, thoughts fly directly to the markets of central Europe. Yes, but not only, but it is also a time of ancient rites.