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25 surprising facts about Japan

Japan is a huge, fascinating, and unknown country, with almost 130 million inhabitants. There are many curiosities that we have discovered, many of which are truly surprising.

10 trips to admire the animals

Not just giraffes, lions, and zebras. For those who love animals, there are alternatives to traditional safaris. Travel from north to south to see penguins, butterflies, beluga, and bison. During the migrations, when they are gathered in very large flocks.

10 of the most strange foods in the world

Taste local food is part of the thrill of travel and the discovery of a new country, although sometimes we can find ourselves in front of dishes that can definitely shock us…

Stay quiet, it’s not the hell, but the Japanese Spa

Among the strangest places in the world, surely we must include these particular baths located in Japan, these spas, given their geothermal and morphological peculiarities, are known by the name of Jigoku that is hells, because there are 8 and yes they all find in the city of Beppu.

Where to go in December: Asia

If you are planning a trip to Asia? Here the best annual festivals that will make you discover the folklore of China, Japan, and Turkey.

The 10 most mystical places in the world

From Mount Athos in Greece to Pura Besakih in Bali. Five other places of the soul to visit in the world. The most spectacular, where spirituality goes beyond the confines of religions.