The light show of the cave in New Zealand

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In New Zealand, nature has managed to create incredible attractions, but what we show in the video is truly one of a kind.

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Because there are no places in the world that, as a surprising beauty, can be compared to the Waitomo caves. They are located not far from the city of 2018-11-12 12:05:20, on the North Island, and have a long history behind them, which begins even more than 30 million years ago.

What is it that makes them special and different from all the other extraordinary caves you can admire around the world?

You just have to watch the video to understand it, because the peculiarity of these caves lies in their being completely illuminated by… fireflies, millions of fireflies!

The presence of these insects, emanating green and blue lights, means that all the limestone formations that compose the caves are illuminated and offer shows of colorful beauty, giving the impression of being under a real starry vault. You think that the fireflies illuminate the caves to the point that, to explore them, there is almost no need for artificial lights.

Explorable by boat, the Waitomo caves are also able to host concerts: think that inside there is a cave, in particular, the largest of all, where concerts of classical music are played at about 18 meters deep. A bad experience, right?

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