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Taste of Albania: typical Albanian food you should try

Albania, with the turbulent political past, over the centuries has been influenced by Turkish, Greek and Italian; all this gave rise to a cuisine rich in very different flavors and dishes with very interesting traditional recipes.

10 typical dishes not to miss in Albania

Tavë Kosi

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 Albanian nation dish, it is a mix of egg, yogurt and lamb baked with soufflé-esque results.


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A selection of small dishes that usually include hard or creamy cheese, cold cuts (salmi, ham), sausages, bacon, vegetables and vegetable paste.


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A triangular filo pastry usually filled with cheese, spinach or meat.


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Minched meat rolled in grape or cabbage leaves and boiled.


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A spit-roasted lamb cooked for 8 hours with aromatic herbs.

Paçë Koke

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A thick sheep's head soup.

Speca Me Gjizë

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Baked peppers filled with rice, spiced and cottage cheese.

Tave Dheu

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A beef stew cooked in an earthenware bowl with white cheese, tomato, bay leaf and oregano.


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For vegetarians, a creamy casserole made of green and red  peppers, skinned tomatoes, onion, cottage cheese and spices. It is usually served with some bread.


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A sweet dessert pastry made of layers of filo filled with chopped nuts and sweetened and held together with syrup or honey.


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A cold savory yogurt-based beverage that is mixed with salt.

Kafe Turke

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Turkish coffee made in the traditional Balkan way, with grounds and sugar brewed together.