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In today’s world, one of the things a traveler always has in his pocket is a smartphone. On the app stores, you can find an App for every use, also for traveling.

Let’s list 10 apps a traveler of the new millennium definitely should have when traveling.


All the trips begin with the bag packing and, despite the travel experience, you always forget something home! This app will help you to list all that you will need in your trip, just choose the destination and duration along whit your plans, and you will get a detailed list of things to pack.

WiFi Finder

Arrived at destination, the first thing you need is an internet connection, of course free. This app locates all the nearest wi-fi access points from 550,000 networks in 144 countries. Now the only problem is to find the first hotspot to run it!


Let’s ask someone! This surprisingly effective app translates your word into a foreign language! you speak to the phone and the translation is displayed on the screen. The translation is read out by a voice synthesizer.

Now you have to orient yourself. You are a prudent traveler, thus at home, you downloaded the maps of the places you planned to visit, saving on roaming costs and without the fear not to find a free hotspot. The maps are very detailed and do not freeze when perused on small smartphone screens.


Landed in a new place, I’m always very hungry. Let’s find a good restaurant (and a hotel if you have not booked it in advance) around us! TripAdvisor will help us with the reviews written by fellow travelers. Usually, I choose the restaurants at home, listing them in the “preferred” section to find them easily.


Are you traveling with friends? It is a mystery why when you try to split the bills, the sum never match. This app provides a simple way to share the costs with friends. You enter the expenses as you go, including who paid and what, and the app does the rest. A very nice feature is the support of multi-currency accounts, thus you can mix currencies without having to do the conversion yourself.

Time Out

You are in a new place, don’t tell me that you want to go to bed early at night! This app keeps track of nightlife and entertainment everywhere in the world. It can tell you what’s on in the local cinemas and theatres and what band are in town.

Jet Lag Rooster

A typical travel problem is jat-lag. Based on the details of your trip and your sleeping habits, this app will tell you when to go to bed, when to expose your self to sunlight, and when to avoid it.

Sun Exposure

You certainly have to expose to sunlight, but staying burn-free! Based on information about your complexion and current location, the app checks how long you can stay in the sun without getting sunburnt. At the same time, the app will remind you to put on sunscreen. Something like my mom!


And now some culture. What about an audio guide to the world? This app reads the information (farmed from Wikipedia) about the things you see directly to your ears, a bit like those audio-guides they hand out at the museums.

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