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Traveling costs, especially in the case of exotic destinations. However, there are myths to debunk about “dream” destinations that, in the collective imagination, require a budget not exactly for all budgets.

We are talking about places like Peru, India, the very popular Thailand and the countries of Central America. Reaching them by plane is not really low cost – even if choosing patiently you can find interesting deals – but once there, the stay can be surprisingly cheap.

Here are 12 fabulous places that can be visited for less than 40 euros a day. Without the claim, of course, of staying in a 5-star hotel or an all-inclusive luxury resort.

Fiji Islands

12 incredible places to visit for less than 40 euros a day

Don’t be fooled by luxury resorts for $1,000 a night. On the Fiji Islands, it is possible to find cheap accommodation such as hostels and houses at $18 per night. Add to this the very low cost of transport and the non-existent cost for the beach – absolutely free – a trip to Fiji can only weigh on your wallet initially when it comes to planning the flight to get there.


Portugal is one of the cheapest European states for tourists. In Lisbon, for example, staying in a 5-star hotel costs less than in any other capital on the old continent.


china - south yunnan

In China, the tourist’s life is certainly low cost: to move around, it takes less than a dollar, and for a meal, you spend between 2 and 5 dollars. Not to mention the accommodation: there are accommodations for less than $20 a night.


In Cambodia, an air-conditioned room can cost $20 a night. Local food is bought for about $2, while Western meals cost a little more: $7.



If you can avoid the areas of Kuta, Seminyak, and Ubud, very expensive and popular by foreigners, Indonesia can be a paradise for the tourist’s wallet: in the rest of the country, you spend a maximum of 20 dollars a night for sleeping and 2 dollars to eat.


Thailand remains one of the most fascinating and economical destinations: an accommodation costs between 6 and 10 dollars a night (if you are satisfied with a bed and a shared bathroom), street-food costs 5 dollars (lunch and dinner) and for excursions, you don’t spend more than 15 dollars.

Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe is definitely cheap: with less than 30 euros a day it is possible to find a spartan accommodation and have lunch and dinner with local food. In Bulgaria, for example, a liter of beer costs about 1 euro.


Tourism, in decline in the country, has led to a drastic reduction in prices. At Gyros, for example, you can have lunch for around $10 and a drink for $3. Rooms for sleeping starting at $30.

Central America

In several Central American countries – Guatemala, Nicaragua or El Salvador – we spend just over $15 for sleeping and at most $3 for food.


Flying in India is certainly expensive, but once on the spot, the costs for the tourist are reduced to the bone. Suffice it to say that lunch at an inexpensive restaurant cost around 100 rupees, just under 2 euros. With the same amount, you take a taxi for about an hour.

South Korea


In South Korea, little is spent especially for eating: a meal costs about $8. Beer is less than a dollar.


A trip to Peru, to admire the Inca wonders, is not so expensive (flight aside): to eat you spend 5 dollars, while you can find a room in private homes for about 25 dollars, the equivalent of 20 euros. The costs rise for inflated places like Machu Picchu, but even in this case you can find an advantageous offer: the exploration of this extraordinary site costs 50% less if you start from Cuzco.

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