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The appealing and wondrous beauty of the tallest building in the world ought to have attracted any person in the world and especially anyone who has a traveling heart. If you’re a traveler and have never visited this amazing building, then, we can say you haven’t traveled the world yet!

Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world is located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates – a beautiful and welcoming country in the Arabic world. This skyscraper which was constructed by a South Korean company called Samsung Engineering and Construction is 828 meters above the ground with exactly 163 floors.

14 amazing facts about Burj Khalifa in Dubai

But what are some of the amazing facts and wonderful things about this gigantic, immense and wonderful skyscraper, Which should make you want to make a trip to Dubai:

It was constructed within a span of six years

No one would have thought that within a span period of 6 years, the world’s tallest skyscraper would be built. Many people probably would have given it a little more time, but believe it or not, that from day one of the year 2004 when its construction began, this construction ended in the year 2010. This is amazing, isn’t it!

The weight of the concrete used in this building is measurable to the total weight of 100,000 elephants.

Can you imagine this! 100,000 elephants! And mind you, remember this building is not a natural structure, but a man-made idea put into action. Besides this, 39,000 tonnes of steel rebar was put to use during this huge construction.


At the highest point of Burj Khalifa, visitors can enjoy temperature that is nearly 15 degrees cooler than at the base of the building

Wow, this is awesome and every traveler should absolutely enjoy this temperature!

The design shape of this world tallest building is from a local desert flower known as Hymenocallis.

Burj KhalifaThis Greek desert flower is probably the most ignored and unnoticed flower in the world. But when the unbeatable engineers looked at it, they got the idea and the exact shape to give this gigantic structure

The skyscraper is in a desert country – Dubai – as it’s literally known

One would think that this kind of immense building can only be found in the Western or European countries where most of the underground material is mainly rocks. But ironically, Burj Khalifa is found in Dubai a country known as a sandy place.


Holds hundreds of apartments, offices, and hotels

Burj Khalifa holds about 900 apartments, 3004 hotels, and about 35-floor offices. This is incredible, isn’t it?

  • This skyscraper has 54elevators which have a speed of 40 miles per hour equivalent to 10m/s
  • The curtain wall of Burj Khalifa is equivalent to 17 football fields
  • It takes three months for at least 36 employees to clean the windows of this building from top to bottom.
  • Burj Khalifa is 3 times as tall as Eiffel Tower and twice as tall as the Empire state Building.
  • This amazing skyscraper holds the highest outdoor observation deck in the world at 452m above the ground.
  • Burj Khalifa was built at a cost of $1.5 billion which after completion it paid off this money within one year. It is supplied with about 250,000 gallons of water daily.
  • The tip of this world’s skyscraper can be seen from a distance of 95km away
  • It has the highest installation of aluminum and glass portico

Give yourself a challenge and plan an abrupt tour adventure in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and you won’t believe the beauty of this country!

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