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There are places where the undisputed protagonists are not the monuments or cultural attractions but the colonies of wild cats that live there.

A trip, a holiday or an adventure, in the company of the most beloved felines, can be a unique and stimulating experience, able to completely change our perception of these animals. If you also love cats, you can not miss the chance to spend a holiday in one of these 4 destinations around the world.

Su Pallosu Beach – San Vero Milis, Oristano (Italy)

Imagine arriving on a beach washed by the crystal-clear sea and surrounded by the Mediterranean vegetation and seeing dozens of cats blissfully relaxing in the sun.

It is not the dream of a visionary lover of cats but the reality that you can live on the beach of Su Pallosu, a small village on the sea of the west coast of Sardinia, where lives one of the oldest feline colonies in Italy.

4 destinations in the world for cat lovers

Su Pallosu’s cats live free, without cages and nets, a stone’s throw from the sea, as they are in their nature: they have become one of the most important attractions of this area, in a village where the inhabitants are only 8 and the cats registered more than a hundred.

This place is very popular, so much so that it turned out to be one of the “Places of the heart” of the FAI – Italian Environment Fund which received the highest number of donations. According to this initiative, in fact, the Italians were able to “adopt” the Sardinian site, thus supporting the immense work of the volunteers who work every day for the cleaning and control of wild cats. Among the initiatives to preserve this extraordinary colony, there is also that of including it among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Cat Boat – Singel 38 / G, 1015 AB Amsterdam (Netherlands)

To continue to dispel the myth of cats that hate water, if you are traveling to Amsterdam you could visit the beautiful CatBoat, a praiseworthy project for the protection of stray cats.


The idea is of a citizen of Amsterdam, a cat-lover who, exasperated by the absence of space at home to welcome her four-legged friends, has decided to move on a boat on the canals of the city where she gives shelter and food to less lucky cats.

The boat is open to the public every day – except for Wednesdays and Sundays – from 1 PM to 3 PM and anyone who wants to contribute, as desired, to the livelihood of these beautiful animals.

Tashirojima – Miyagi (Japan)

Everyone knows that in Japan, cats are very popular: the country is the home of Hello Kitty but, above all, of the Cat Coffee, where you can sip hot drinks in the company of the soft cats that circulate undisturbed.

田代島ネコ Tashirojima Neko

But this beautiful country also houses the island of Tashirojima, where the human presence is reduced to no more than 100 residents and the feline surpasses the double. Free to move as they please, they are the owners of the island, well-fed and assisted by residents and visitors. If you decide to set a course for this enchanted place, however, you will have to leave your dogs at home, which unfortunately are not allowed.

Kuching – Borneo (Malaysia)

In the heart of verdant Malaysia, a land of myths and legends, lies Kuching, the City of Cats. Fascinating, mysterious, and rich in history, the ancient town stands on the banks of the river Sarawak and its name translates to mean Cat.

Cat Statue

The feline is the symbol of this city, reproduced in all the urban furnishings from fountains to statues, from souvenirs to pagan festivals. Even the manholes in this city take on its features! Here, there is also a museum entirely dedicated to cats and in November the entire center is in fibrillation for the Pesta Meow, not even to say, the Festival of the Cat.

Between legend and reality, the cat is the animal that since the dawn of time accompanies human life. Loved and cuddled, today is the subject that appears most often in photos that are shared on social networks.

Why not also dedicate a trip to discover the places where these animals live in complete freedom, perhaps taking inspiration from these 5 destinations where they are the undisputed protagonists? Would you not like a holiday of purr and croquettes?

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