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Sleeping in a tent is not an experience for everyone unless you follow the 5 perfect tips for a comfortable and relaxed sleep.

The tent always divides travelers: on the one hand, there are adventure lovers who can not wait to show off their sleeping bags and torches, on the other, there are lovers of comfort who are rather reluctant to sleep all night long open-air.

The tent is certainly not a hotel, even if it is cheaper, therefore it requires a good dose of adaptability, but everything changes if you follow these 5 tricks to sleep comfortably in the tent.

Find a comfortable bed

The big problem of the tent is the lack of a mattress that allows you to rest your back during the night. However, this can be remedied by taking with you a mattress already tested before camping.

There are different types: inflatable, water, or latex mattresses that roll up easily. You can choose more or less expensive models, the important thing is to find the one most convenient for your needs!

5 tips for comfortable sleeping in a tent

Check the weather

The first thing to do when going camping is to check the weather. Even the most experienced campers with tents of the latest model can find themselves in trouble in the event of heavy rain.

Humidity, cold or excessive heat are all conditions that create discomfort and malaise. If you go camping in areas where the temperature drops by several degrees during the night, it is important to always carry cloths and sweatshirts that can counteract the cold night.

Do numerous activities during the day

Sleeping in a tent after a day full of physical activities is certainly easier. So the advice is to go hiking, go fishing, cycling or canoeing, to keep busy all day.


Keep it dry

This advice is closely linked to the previous one and is essential to avoid incurring serious problems. Sometimes there can be sudden and nocturnal downpours, so it is essential to always carry an impermeable sheet that covers both the upper and the lower part of the tent.

Install it correctly

There is nothing worse than sleeping in a hanging tent or on steep ground. The basic advice, in this case, is to always mount the tent correctly: in a flat area, planting the stakes well and pulling the ropes.

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