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Today we talk about inventions made in China and not, strange but very useful things that every traveler MUST have to save space in a suitcase, trouble with checks or simply because are too nice.

Here are 7 things that a traveler can’t miss!

The towel pills

7 strange must have for a traveler

I had found a similar one from Tiger, I didn’t take it thinking it was bullshit and when I realized that instead, it was brilliant, it was finished. Now I found it on the AliExpress website in a pack of 6 pieces and I want it, I want it very strongly. I’m talking about the towel for the face, in cotton, which is laterally compressed and therefore takes up very little space in the suitcase. To use it, just wet it and it will appear in all its softness. You can find different types on Amazon too.

The folder for the shirts

Everyone has, at least once, put away a perfectly ironed suitcase and found it crumpled again. The Chinese have found the solution: a rigid folder, like those for documents, in which put shirts and clothes that must remain folded and keep the shape. This also has very useful pockets in which to put on neckties or scarves. When closed it takes up very little space and keeps your clothes ironed.


The rules on liquids to carry in an airplane are a big annoyance, let’s face it. The Chinese also thought of this, inventing soap in sheets. What is soap in sheets? A box containing 50 sheets that when plunged in water become soap. There is shampoo, hand soap, bubble bath, shaving soap, and even soap for washing clothes. The latter really inspires me a lot, since I haven’t yet found an acceptable solution to bring a detergent on longer trips.

The soap is also biodegradable.

Kawaii gel masks

Why not allow yourself a treat to scare the hostess on duty on your night flight with these adorable eye masks? Perfect for taking a nap and making sure you look crooked, these masks are available in kawaii, panda, superhero, anime versions, and so on and so forth. Inside you will find a gel mask that, if placed in the refrigerator before leaving, helps you deflate your eyes and cool them. I found them on Miniinthebox, there is an avalanche.

Hi, I’m a unicorn

Among my many problems, there is also the inability to be able to sleep with the C-shaped travel pillow around the neck. But you can’t show me a travel pillow in the shape of a unicorn and pretend I will behave like an adult.

I found it on the Kigurumi website.

No more lousy coffee

How many times have you heard a fellow traveler complaining about the coffee they make abroad? Or how many times have you complained? Many, surely.

The mini espresso machine was invented. An espresso machine of eighteen centimeters, complete with cup and spoon, which does not even need electricity. I found it on Troppotogo.

Hurricane-proof notes

How many of us love to write notes while traveling, for the blog, or simply to remember all that we have done and seen? And how bad is it to go home and find out that the notebook was smashed by the rain or the shampoo that had a bad idea of ​​spilling into the suitcase?

On the Fantastik website, I found nothing less than a waterproof notebook: a two-hundred-page notebook that does not get ruined even if you write as you head off into Hurricane Katrina. You can write about it with anything: pencils, pens, markers, nice ink, the blood of your friend who keeps searching for carbonara in Alaska. Brilliant.

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