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The view is magnificent: you look around and on clear and clean summer evenings, of those that perhaps follow the classic mountain storm, you can admire all, but all the peaks that embellish the skyline of Safiental, a splendid Swiss valley half an hour by car from Chur.

A look upwards and here are all the constellations visible in our latitudes, as long as the clouds of the afternoon backward have given way to those night serenades that are hard to forget.

A show of extraordinary effect, enjoyable in every position and throughout the night: this is indeed the peculiarity of the Null Stern Hotel. Its rooms allow you to experience the nocturnal panorama of the Alps at 360 degrees: indeed, its room, as this very original hotel has only one splendid suite.

A hotel with five… thousand stars

Hundreds are contending for it, so much so that bookings are now kilometers long and its ingenious “inventors” have even taken a pause for reflection to broaden the tourist offer so as to meet the increasingly numerous requests.

Its incomparable characteristic is that it is the only hotel in the world completely devoid of walls and roof: the room has been set up on a board at the top of a hill, at 1700 meters above sea level, from which it dominates the whole valley and is consisting of a double bed, two bedside tables, and two bedside lamps.


Point. A butler goes up there in about ten minutes from the place where he is stationed and takes care of the occupants’ needs: for physiological ones it is necessary to refer to a structure about ten minutes downstream.

There is no one around for miles and miles. To keep company, in the beautiful summer evenings, the classic mantle of stars, a fancy blanket able to accompany in the best way the passage to the world of dreams.

Obviously, the underlying territory is constantly manned, so that nobody, neither human nor animal, can disturb the sleep of the lucky ones who can afford to sleep five-thousand stars.

And also the view that the rising of the sun from the surrounding peaks guarantees is no less impactful than the nocturnal one, given that with the eye you can wander anywhere without encountering an element of disturbance.


The success of the initiative was such as to force the architects of this project to rethink the offer: the requests were so numerous to push them to think big and today the two are engaged in the elaboration of a new pyrotechnics idea that can multiply the spectacular effects of the intuition that was the basis of their triumph.

Still, it has not been possible to have any anticipation of the novelty, but presumably, it will be the creation of a Null Stern Hotel with multiple rooms, all made on the basis of the primitive idea but such as to ensure to more people the same emotions and more income to the managers, that with one room at a time probably struggled to get the accounts back, despite an overnight stay costing almost 250 euros a day.

The most difficult thing, however, will be to make the same feelings again as those who fell asleep up there, certain of living a unique experience… in every sense.

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