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Currently in full expansion, tourism in Belarus will enable you to discover a country with large parts as yet fairly untouched by human influence.

Deep forests inhabited by a profusion of wildlife, lakes, and rivers, nature is to be found everywhere in this country due to the small density of people.

Minsk, the Capital, has several museums and monuments representative of Soviet architecture, imposing and severe; the Republican Palace, the Theatre, Lake of Tears.

You could also visit the Chagall Museum at Vitesbsk as well as his childhood home.

The areas in the south, from which all human activity has just about disappeared since the Chernobyl disaster, therefore represents a huge and undisturbed nature reserve which can be a source of absolute pleasure in every way.


Top destinations in Belarus are:

  • Minsk
  • Brest
  • Gomel
  • Polotsk7Grdno
  • Mir
  • Vitebsk
  • Nesvizh
  • Mogilev
  • Navahrudak
  • Lida
  • Pinsk


Weather in Belarus

The best period to visit Belarus is from June to October.


Following a list of typical festival and celebrations of Belarus


International classic music festival January Music Nights (Brest)

Minsk international digital art festival Terra Nova (Minsk)

Christmas balls in Mir Castle


International Orthodox church music festival Kolozha Chime (Grodno)

International festival Vladimir Spivakov Invites (Minsk)

International festival of magicians MAGIC SHOW (Grodno)

International sled dog race Zavirukha (Minsk, ski roller track of the Minsk football club)

International winter motor festival Zavirukha (Radoshkovichi, Molodechno District, Minsk Oblast)


International Festival of Ancient and Modern Chamber Music (St. Sophia Cathedral, Polotsk)

International youth theater forum M@rt-contact (Mogilev)

Minsk Spring Tango Festival (Minsk)


Festival of modern art and vanguard fashion Mamont (Minsk)

International festival of marketing and advertising White Square (Minsk)

International festival of instrumental music Guitar Renaissance (Gomel)

International Rock and Bike Festival (Grodno)


International puppetry festival Puppets over the Neman (Grodno)

Belarusian International Festival of Puppet Theaters (Minsk)

Minsk Forum of Street Theaters (Minsk)

Art festival Nesvizh Muses (Nesvizh, Minsk Oblast)

International festival of chamber music Belarusian Fanfares (Baranovichi)

International festival of children’s art Golden Bee (Klimovichi, Mogilev Oblast, May-June)

Festival of medieval culture Rubon (Polotsk, Vitebsk Oblast)

Festival of medieval culture Golshany Castle (agro-town of Golshany, Oshmyany District, Grodno Oblast)

International show of vintage cars Retro Minsk (Minsk)

Folk art festival Augustow Canal Invites Friends


Festival of National Cultures (Grodno, once in two years)

International church music festival God Almighty (Mogilev)

National festival of Belarusian songs and poetry Molodechno (Chist, Molodechno, Minsk Oblast)

Festival of opera and ballet art Bolshoi Theater Evenings in the Radziwill Castle (Nesvizh Castle, Minsk Oblast)

Music Nights in Mir Castle (Mir Castle, Grodno Oblast)

International music and singing festival Dnieper Voices in Dubrovno (Dubrovno, Vitebsk Oblast)

Ballet Summer in Bolshoi project (Minsk)

National festival of folk arts Beraginya (Oktyabrsky, Gomel Oblast)

International festival of culture Braslav Lightings (Vitebsk)

International folk music festival Dulcimer and Accordion are Playing (Postavy, Vitebsk Oblast)

International history festival The Legacy of Centuries (Mir Castle, Grodno Oblast)

Knight festival The Sword of Lida Castle (Lida Castle, Grodno Oblast)

Ruzhany Brama Festival (Ruzhany Castle, Ruzhany, Brest Oblast)

Kamenets Vezha Festival (Kamenets Tower) (Kamenets, Minsk Oblast)

Cheese Festival near Minsk (Belarusian State Vernacular Architecture and Ethnic Heritage Museum)

Rural tourism festival Zaborski Fest (Rossony, Vitebsk Oblast)


The International Festival of Arts Slavonic Bazaar in Vitebsk (Vitebsk)

International folk festival The Wreath of Friendship (Bobruisk, Mogilev Oblast)

Live music festival The Bridge (Borovaya airfield, Minsk)

Volnaye Pavetra Open-Air-Festival (Shabli, Volozhin District, Minsk Oblast)

Kupala Night Festival Alexandria Gathers Friends (Alexandria agrotown, Shklov District, Mogilev Oblast)

International festival of medieval culture and music Our Grunwald (Dudutki Ethnographic Museum, Minsk Oblast)

Knights’ Festival. Mstislavl (Mstislavl, Mogilev Oblast)

Cherry Festival (Glubokoye, Vitebsk Oblast)

International music and sport festival Bard Music & Fishing Festival (the village of Grudichino, Bykhov District, Mogilev Oblast) (July-August)


Festival of ethnic and cultural traditions Zov Polesia (Epy Call of Polesye) (Pripyatsky National Park, every two years)

International Culinary Festival Motalskiya Prysmaki (Motal Delicacies) (Motal agrotown, Ivanovo District, Brest Oblast)

Festival of arts and crafts Dribinskie Torzhki (Dribin Fair) (Dribin, Mogilev Oblast)

Cucumber Festival in Shklov (Shklov, Mogilev Oblast)

Flower Festival (Zheludok, Shchuchin District, Grodno Oblast)

Kreva Castle Festival (Kreva, Smorgon District, Grodno Oblast)

Annensky Kirmash (St. Anna Fair) (Zelva, Grodno Oblast)

Belarusian amateur comedy festival in Avtyuki (villages Bolshie and Malye Avtyuki, Kalinkovichi District, Gomel Oblast)

National Scything Championship (national biological reserve Sporovsky, Brest Oblast)

International ceramics open-air Art Zhyzhal (Bobruisk, Mogilev Oblast)

Augustow Canal in the Culture of the Three Peoples Festival

International festival of street arts Grand Teatro (Grodno)


Belarusian Written Language Day

International Theater Festival Belaya Vezha (White Tower) (Brest)

International theater forum TEART (Minsk)

International student theater festival The Theater Chest (Minsk)

Music festival in memory of Nikolai Nabokov (Mir Castle, Lyubcha, Grodno)

Classical music festival TyzenHouse (Grodno)

International animated film festival Animayevka (Mogilev)

Kamyanitsa Folk Festival (Belarusian State Vernacular Architecture and Ethnic Heritage Museum, Ozertso village, Minsk District)

International choreographic festival Sozhski Karagod (Gomel)

National ecological festival Cranes and Cranberries of Miory Land (Miory, Vitebsk Oblast)

National running festival Yazyl Dozen (Starye Dorogi, Minsk Oblast)

Kvass Festival (Lida, Grodno Oblast)

Sugar Fest (Ivenets, Volozhin District, Minsk Oblast)

Potato Fest in Silichi (Silichi ski center, Minsk District)

Folk culture festival September Colors (Novopolotsk, Vitebsk Oblast)

International medieval festival Novogrudok Castle (Novogrudok Castle, Grodno Oblast)


Yuri Bashmet International Festival (Minsk)

International music festival Golden Hit (Mogilev)

Folk festival Songs of My Land (Minsk Oblast)


Minsk international film festival Listapad (Minsk)

International festival of arts Belarusian Music Autumn (Minsk)

International Festival of Organ music St. Sophia’s Bells (St. Sophia Cathedral, Polotsk) (November-December)

Music Nights in Bolshoi Theater (Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theater of Belarus, Minsk)

Minsk Oblast Welcomes Jazz festival (Chist village, Molodechno District, Minsk Oblast)

International festival JAZZinMINSK (Minsk)

International modern choreography festival IFMC (Vitebsk)

International theater festival Panarama (Minsk)

Ecology and tourism festival Secrets of the Bug Polesie (Bug Polesie Biosphere Reserve, Brest Oblast)


Sollertinsky International Festival (Vitebsk)

Minsk International Christmas Opera Forum (Minsk)

Dunin-Martsinkevich National Drama Festival (Bobruisk)

International theater festival Slavonic Theater Meetings (Gomel)

Parade of Fathers Frost and Snow Maidens (Minsk, oblast capitals, Belovezhskaya Pushcha)



by plane, the main airports are:

  • Minsk
  • Brest
  • Gomel
  • Hrodna
  • Mogilev
  • Polotsk
  • Vitebsk Vostochny

by train

by car


health tips & vaccination: Avoid drinking tap water and eating food products coming from the southeast of the country, areas which were extremely affected by the Chernobyl catastrophe. No vaccination needed.

local currency: Belarusian ruble

local time zone: GMT+2 (+3)

electricity: type C and type F (220 V – 50 Hz)

mobile phone operators:


typical food in Belarus

  • Borshch (soup made with beetroot, served hot and with sour cream).
  • Hribnoy sup (delicious mushroom and barley soup).
  • Kotleta pokrestyansky (pork smothered in a mushroom sauce).
  • Dracheny (a local tasty potato dish with mushrooms).
  • Draniki (potato pancakes served with pickled berries).
  • Mochanka (thick soup mixed with lard accompanied by hot pancakes).
  • Vereshchaka (thick pork soup with beer or Kvas accompanied with buckwheat pancakes).
  • Pyzy (potato dumplings in a form of knobs with meat mince).
  • Kishka (sausage made of pork meat and potatoes).
  • Lazanki (creamy triangle- or rectangle-shaped pasta eaten with pieces of fatty pork sausages, melted cheese or sour cream).
  • Zrazy (rolled thin slices of beef, flavored with salt and pepper and stuffed with vegetables, mushrooms, eggs and potato.).
  • Mazurka (roasted almond sponge cake).

souvenirs from Belarus

  • Linen cloth and good
  • Slutsk belts
  • Straw figurines
  • Cristal and glass items
  • Ceramics
  • Wooden items
  • Valenki, wool boots, or wool hats
  • Vodka and liqueurs


Hello: добры дзень (dobry dzień)

Goodbye: да пабачэння (da pabačennia)

How are you?: Як вы? (Jak vy?)

Thank you: Дзякуй (Dziakuj)

What is your name?: Як цябе зваць? (Jak ciabie zvać?)

How much is it?: Колькі каштуе? (Koĺki kaštuje?)

Sorry: прабачце (prabačcie)



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