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Crossroads of the history of the twentieth century, Berlin was bound to dedicate a monument to one of the darkest moments of our past: in an area located just 1 km from the Brandenburg Gate, 2711 concrete blocks of varying heights make up the Holocaust Memorial, an act of commemoration for the 6 million Jews exterminated during the Nazi era.

For the construction of the monument was called an international tender for which they have examined over 500 projects, choosing finally the American architect Peter Eisenman.

source: flickr.com

Opened in 2005, his idea was to have slabs of varying heights, from 20 cm to almost 5 m, concentrating higher ones towards the center, to give the monument a non-linear and labyrinthine appearance, to the point that walking through the gray, square concrete columns, the memorial becomes increasingly tight and irritating so that visitors can experience the contrast between the before and after it joined. For those wishing to complete this impressive experience. In the south-east of the monument, it is located the info point, where a permanent exhibition traces the stories of several Jewish families and in the “Room of Names” you will find brief biographies of all the victims with their names and year of birth.


Opening hours: open air

Admission: free

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Web site

How to reach: Metro Brandenburger Tor (U55, S1, S2, S25)

Address: Cora-Berliner-Straße 1, 10117 Berlin

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