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Kiev is the capital of Ukraine and of the homonymous province and stands on a plain crossed by the river Dnepr, which forms several small islands. The city is located in the northern part of Ukraine, not far from the Belarusian border.

The foundation of the city dates back to the fifth century probably by the hands of the Slavs; it was an important commercial river junction between Constantinople and the north-east of Europe, where honey, slaves and furs were traded. The city at the time was known as Danaprstadr, but when the region ended under the influence of Slavic-variaga, it became known as Kyiv and was considered the Mother of the Russian cities. From 882 to 1169, Kiev was the eastern state capital of Variago-Slav, known as Kievan Rus. In 1240 the Mongols destroyed it and later passed to the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Poland, and in 1654 to Russia. Kiev was at the center of the Bolshevik Revolution, some events of the Second World War, the Independence of Ukraine and the Orange Revolution.

Among the most typical dishes of Kiev gastronomy, we remember: sweet ravioli filled with sour cherry served with sour cream; the ‘Kazatskaia vechernya’, a dish of pork cooked in the oven with mushrooms and vegetables and with a crispy cheese crust; chicken liver cooked with apples and cognac; morsels of hare with forest mushrooms; hare liver with fine herbs; cold “okroshka” vegetable soup and chicken liver in raspberry sauce. Very consumed drinks are kvass beers, the obolon and of course vodka.

Every year in the city there are various events, including: the long-awaited Kiev International Short Film Festival and the Kiev International Festival dedicated to the hairstyles’ arts. Moreover: the Kiev Days, to celebrate spring and the Knight Kyiv Detinet or the final stage of the historical and international fencing tournament


Top attractions not to be missed are:

  • St. Cyril’s Monastery
  • National Reserve Sophia Kievskaya
  • Andriyivski Uzviz
  • Saint Sophia Cathedral
  • St. Michael’s Cathedral
  • Rodina Mat (Motherland statue)
  • St. Volodymyr’s Cathedral
  • Kiev-Pechersk Lavra – Caves Monastery
  • Vydubychi Monastery
  • Sofiyskaya Square
  • Mariinsky Park & Mariinsky palace
  • St. Nicolas Cathedral
  • Khreshchatyk
  • Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square)

Following instead some hidden spots of the city that only locals know!

  • The House with Chimeras
  • Pirogovo Open-Air Museum
  • Vozdvizhyenka Street
  • Budynok z Hymeramy building (Bankova str., 7)
  • Kiev’s Passage on Khreschatyk str., 15
  • Park Landscape Alley
  • Kiev Academic Puppet Theatre
  • the Classic Grandma statue in Taras Shevchenko Park
  • The Golden Gates (Золоті ворота)
  • climb the Lavra Belltower to have a view on the city
  • have a look of Soviet futurism of the Salute Hotel and enjoy a view from the top
  • enjoy the sunset from Saint Volodymyr’s Hill
  • take a trip on Kiev’s cablecar railway


The best period to visit Kiev is from April to September.

Following a list of main events and typical festivals and celebrations of Kiev.


main airports are:

public transport: metro site

download the transportation map


typical  dishes of Kiev are:

  • borshch, traditional soup, made out of beetroot and up to 20 other ingredients;
  • varenyky, traditional dumplings with different stuffings from mashed potatoes with mushrooms and fried onions, pickled cabbage, minced meat, and even cherries;
  • banosh wiht brynza, tasty additions of brynza – local salty sheep cheese, wild white mushrooms (preferably hand-picked from the nearest forest!) and shkvarky (scrunchy bits of pork fat);
  • uzvar, a traditional refreshing drink consisting of a compote, made out of dried fruits.

typical  souvenirs of Kiev are:

  • Woven belts
  • Embroidered tunics
  • Amber necklaces
  • Carved wooden objects
  • Naive paintings
  • Pottery
  • Woolen blankets

The main theatre of Kiev is the The Taras Shevchenko Ukrainian National Opera House.

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