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Symbol of the city, the first thing to see in Turin. The Mole Antonelliana was started in 1863 on a project by Alessandro Antonelli to perform the function of a Jewish temple. In 1878 it was sold to the municipality that wanted to make it a monument dedicated to the king of Italy Vittorio Emanuele II.

The unique 167-meter-high building with a square base surmounted by the famous cuspidate dome, was inaugurated in 1889 with the laying on the spire of the statue of the winged genius. In 1905 a five-pointed star replaced the statue of the winged genius that a thunderbolt had shot down the year before.

An elevator with glass walls located inside the Mole allows you to reach the “Tempietto”, at 85 m. from which you can admire a truly amazing panorama of Turin. The Antonellian building is currently home to the National Cinema Museum, one of a kind in Italy.

The museum collections preserved here offer visitors a journey through the history of cinema through a course divided into five levels: the Archeology of Cinema, the Cinema Machine, the Collection of Posters, the Video installations and the large Temple Hall surrounded by 13 chapels that tell some great themes of the seventh art (Horror and Fantastic, Animation Cinema, Science Fiction, Love and Death, Western, etc …).


Opening hours: Mon – Sun (09.00 AM – 08.00 PM); Sat (09.00 AM – 11.00 PM); Tue closed

Admission: from €11 adults and €9 reduced – online ticket

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How to reach: Tram 13, 15; Bus 24, 13N, 55, 56, 61, 93, E68, N04, N10, N57, S04, S05, S18, W01, W15, W60

Address: Via Montebello, 20, 10124 Torino TO

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