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Porta Palatina is considered the most conspicuous remains of Roman Turin and the oldest, grandiose and best preserved example of Roman city gate.

Of the ancient Porta Principalis Sinistra, today commonly called “Torri Palatine”, which dates back to the first century AD, there is currently only the skeleton.

Originally leaning against the middle wall towards the interior of the city, there was a two-storey building for the guardhouse and a courtyard.

In Roman times the door was called Palatina because the proximity to the Palatium, seat of the Senate, the Curia and the civic administration, which seems to arise in today’s nearby Piazza IV Marzo.


Opening hours: open air

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Admission: free

How to reach: Tram 4, 7; Bus 11, 19, 27, 50, 51, 57, 92, N04

Address: Piazza Cesare Augusto, 15, 10122 Torino TO

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