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Valletta is the capital of Malta, located on the northern coast on a rocky peninsula.

The city was built by the Knights of St. John between the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries and still retains its original elegance. Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it still preserves many historical and artistic beauties of high value and of primary cultural interest. It is told that Valletta has been built to make it “a place for gentlemen built by gentlemen”, a reputation that still today is suited to Valletta that houses many features of the aristocratic upper bourgeoisie.

It is always the right time to visit it, as it enjoys an excellent temperate climate. Summers can be very hot and the winters are a little rainy. Its economy is mainly linked to tourism: a very developed one for study and cultural travel.

For the lovers of good food, there are numerous Maltese specialties that can be found in Valletta; the gastronomy of this city maintains very old characteristics in which the Sicilian and Moorish traditions are found. This is very visible especially in desserts, but can also be found in other typical dishes such as the famous “widow’s soup” or in dishes based on beans.

In Valletta, the Jazz Festival is organized every year, with international appeal and great famous musicians. Local folklore is clearly visible on the St. Paul’s Shipwreck Festival, which is held every year in February.


Top attractions not to be missed are:

  • St. John’s Co-Cathedral
  • Three Cities
  • War HQ Tunnel
  • Upper Barrakka Gardens
  • Lower Barrakka Gardens
  • Strait Street
  • Church of Saint Paul’s Shipwreck
  • Shrine of Our Lady of Mount Carmel
  • National Library of Malta
  • St. Francis’ Church Valletta
  • Fortifications Interpretation Centre
  • Auberge de Castille
  • Valletta Waterfront
  • Casa Rocca Piccola

Following instead some hidden spots of the city that only locals know!

  • St. Catherine of Italy
  • St Augustine Church & Priory
  • Santu Wistin


The best period to visit Valletta is from March to October.

Following a list of main events and typical festivals and celebrations of Valletta.


the main airport is the Luqa – Gudja Airport.

public transport 

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typical  dishes of Valletta are:

  • Timpana: pasta with a Bolognese-style sauce baked in pastry.
  • Bragioli: thin slices of steak rolled around a ground veal filling and covered in a tomato-based sauce.
  • Fenek: rabbit stewed in wine.
  • Pastizzi: ricotta or pea-filled savoury pastries.
  • Lampuki pie: baked pastry derived from the popular lampuki fish.
  • Kusksu: vegetable soup with small pasta beads called kusksu and fresh broad beans in season.
  • Aljotta: fish soup with plenty of garlic, herbs, and tomatoes.
  • Kawlata: cabbage and pork soup.
  • Qara bali mimli: round pale green zucchini or courgettes stuffed with minced beef, cheese and parsley or with ricotta and grated sharp cheese.
  • Mazzit: Maltese blood sausage.
  • Kinnie: sparkling soft drink with a distinctive bitter orange flavour.
  • Cisk lager: malta’s national beer.
  • Bajtra: one of Malta’s traditional liqueurs, distilled from prickly pears.
  • Soppa tal-arml: vegetable soup with eggs or ġbejniet(sheep or goat cheese) added.
  • Torta tal-Lampuki: lampuki fish (a variety of sea bream) prepared in a dough with mostly cauliflower and spinach.
  • Gagħaq tal-għasel: sweet pastry rings filled with a treacle mixture.
  • Pudina tal-ħobż: baked bread pudding with raisins and cocoa powder.
  • Kwareżimal: Lenten almond biscuit scented with the zest of orange, lemon and Maltese mixed spice, cinnamon and orange blossom.
  • Laħam fuq il-fwar: steamed slices of beef.
  • Falda Mimlija: stuffed flank of pork.
  • Laħam taż-żiemel: stallion meat, usually fried or baked in a white wine sauce.
  • Zalzett tal-Malti: a short, thick sausage made of pork, sea salt, black peppercorns, coriander seeds and parsley.
  • Ftira tar-Randan: Lenten honey drizzled squares of crisp deep-fried pastry.
  • Karamelli tal-ħarrub: Lenten hard candy flavoured with carob.
  • Figolla: Easter icing-coated biscuit stuffed with a mixture of sweet ground almonds called intrita.
  • Ħobża ta’ San Martin: sweet bread roll, sweetened with mastic associated with Saint Martin’s Day.
  • Qagħaq tal-għasel or tal-Qastanija: Christmas sweet rings made from a light pastry with a filling made of treacle,honey, semolina, citrus zest, cinnamon and cloves.
  • Għadam tal-mejtin: Pastry shaped in the form of a bone filled with almond paste.

typical  souvenirs of Valletta are:

  • Gold jewellery
  • Glass items
  • Laces
  • Knight of Malta figurine
  • Brass door knockers in the form of dolphins or sea horses
  • honeynougatMadliena (herb liqueur), wine

The main theatre of Valletta is the Manoel Theatre.

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