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Do you like to travel alone and make new connections during the trip? Follow these tips to meet new, interesting people!

Set off on your own and get to know each other during the trip. More and more people choose this lifestyle for their holidays, dictated by the pleasure of choosing the ideal destination without compromise, but at the same time do not face the experience in complete solitude. If you also recognize yourself in this profile, here are some tips to “hook” new adventure companions who perhaps share your same passions and the usual interests.

  1. Choose the right accommodation. Do not book your accommodation in a hotel or motel, but look for it at a resident, through sites like Couchsurfing or Airbnb. The chances of getting to know each other and maybe making friends are definitely higher than staying in a single room.
  2. Sleep in a hostel. Are you a hostel fan? Surely it is an excellent solution to combine economic accommodation and the possibility of making new friends.
  3. The right companions. If you want to plan new knowledge, there are numerous apps that can allow you to track down your travel companions even before departure. Some of these are GlobeTrooper or Meetup.
  4. Be positive. A positive and proactive attitude is definitely the first step. A simple “Hi” or “How are you?” Can make a big difference to your trip.
  5. Social tourism. Be active on social networks, for example by subscribing to thematic groups to be aware of events in a particular city.
  6. Activities in a good company. Pay attention to events designed to create aggregations, such as social eating (shared dinners) or group activities.
  7. Choose public transportation. A more traditional way, but certainly always effective, is to have a conversation on public transport. Recommended for this type of experience compared to a private car.
  8. The pub crawl. Thanks to this system people meet with a common purpose: to explore the pubs and clubs of a city. Thus it is possible to get acquainted in a sociable and amusing context.
  9. A language course. Knowing the local language can have an indisputable advantage. Why not attend a specific course to be able to converse more easily?
  10. Co-working space. If you move for work you could try to rent a location in a co-working space. In this way, the coffee breaks will certainly be more stimulating.
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