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It is called sandboarding and it is a sport similar to the most famous snowboarding, but practiced on the sand dunes. Here’s where to try the adrenaline experience.

For those who can’t get enough of winter sports and would never get off their snowboard or ski, there is a truly incredible alternative. To swap the snow-covered slopes with the sand dunes of Morocco, Dubai, or Qatar, for example.

It is a tempting and adventurous experience that, in recent times, is involving more and more sportsmen and passionate skiers and snowboarders. Only this time, instead of the snow-covered slopes, there are desert dunes.

Sandboarding in Qatar

The Qatar National Tourism Council has already promoted this activity and has seen fit to offer an incredible alternative to all those who have had to give up their winter holiday in the snow due to travel restrictions. So here is the idea, that of moving the typical experience of snow-covered slopes in the desert, and thus offering enthusiasts their usual dose of adrenaline.

From Morocco to Dubai, snowboarding is done on the sand dunes

Khor Al Adaid

Riding the sand dunes is an activity that is making its way among the experiences of the more adventurous travelers and we can confirm that many are already crazy about sandboarding. To practice this activity you need to find places where the desert is the absolute protagonist.

Qatar, as anticipated, is one of them. In particular, the spectacular dunes of Khor Al Adaid lend themselves to sport, which offers a fascinating alternative to the tried and tested ski slopes and are just waiting to be discovered by adventure-loving travelers.

Sandboarding in Morocco and Dubai

It is also possible to practice sandboarding in Morocco, between the sound of the wind that moves the dunes, the steps of the camels, and the wheels of the jeeps that travel the soft sand of the desert. The perfect place to ride the sand waves is in Erg Chebbi.


Erg Chebbi

Dubai has also recently expanded its tourist offer thanks to this sport. In the boundless desert areas, you can find stretches of sand that form large dunes of different heights.

In the rest of the world

Even Australia, always at the forefront of extreme sports, can guarantee an incredible snowboarding experience on the sand. Lancelin is, in fact, Australia’s premier sandboarding destination: dunes stand out on a vast expanse of white sand, ready only to be ridden.

In Egypt, sandboarding is practiced near the Siwa oasis and this should not surprise us so much given that the country has claimed the sport. Some argue, in fact, that in ancient Egypt it was customary to slide between the dunes with a wooden board.


In Germany, 35,000,000 tons of sand produced by the kaolinite production in Hirschau, gave birth to a very high dune of 120 meters, named Monte Kaolino, which transformed into a ski resort for snowboarding on the sand, in addition to other activities. The Sandboarding World Championship is held here every year.

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