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If you thought, you know well London, Neal’s Yard and its multitude of colors will surprise you.

A corner of London that few know

In the heart of London lies a colorful neighborhood
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The alley of Neal’s Yard is located in the famous Covent Garden district, in the heart of London. A corner that looks straight out of a storybook, a colorful street overlooked by bizarre and multicolored buildings.

Tourists get crazy 

The alley is lovely. It opens in a colorful crowded square of cafes with tables on the street.

There lives an alternative community 

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Saunders had toured England and Wales in a van by publishing the book “Alternative England and Wales”, in order to dispense advice to lovers of an alternative lifestyle. At Neal’s Yard appeared then a dairy farm, a coffee shop, and a pharmacy specializing in alternative remedies.

In the heart of Covent Garden 

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Neal’s Yard does not appear in any official tourist map of London, but it is very easy to get there. The nearest metro station is Covent Garden and connects two streets, Shorts Gardens, and Monmouth Street. You can recognize it by both routes because of a sign indicating Neal’s Yard.

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Great to take some pictures 

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In the middle of the alley, there is an open space with houses and colorful buildings. The walls, balconies, doors, and window frames have pastel colors, from yellow to purple, from blue to fluorescent green. This alternative corner of London must be absolutely visited, just to take some pictures.

Local and alternative shops 

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Here now are some lovely places where you can have lunch or have a coffee in peace, including Neal’s Yard Salad Bar, which also offers vegetarian, and vegan cuisine and various small shops including Neal’s Yard Remedies, famous for its products and natural cosmetics.

Did you know about this corner of London? Have you been there? As always I wait for your comments below.

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