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The destinations are dreamy and the journey is a real mystery. For some time now mystery trips have been taking place in the United States, a new formula to get to know the world suitable for those who do not like to plan.

What is it about? Travelers rely on an online travel agent, who is paid to create a “surprise” vacation that meets their tastes and interests. Shortly afterward, by mail, departure date and a station or airport will be communicated in which the person will have to show up at a specific time. Only then he will discover his destination, receiving an envelope with the travel itinerary and tickets.

A new way to conceive the holidays that is revolutionizing the travel world and that has already conquered the web. One of the most famous companies is the American start-up Jubel that promises to give adventures to its customers, allowing them to decide how much they want to know about the planned trip for them.

You can choose between a trip with your eyes closed, which can lead to the Caribbean as in Peru or Brazil, or something more specific, choosing for example “culturally rich experience in Indonesia”. Obviously, as the travel agency explains, the more the destination and the activities will remain secret the more it will be exciting.

Jubel is not the first company to offer mystery holidays. Pack Up + Go creates itineraries within the United States, organizing trips for the weekend. Opening the envelope you may end up in Chicago or Charleston, between beautiful views and walks in the park, but also in Denver and the sea in Annapolis.

Mental openness, spontaneity, and enthusiasm are the basic requirements for taking part in these holidays.

This craze is also affecting the cruise industry, in which the Bolsover Cruise offer stands out, offering a journey in the dark with a series of totally secret destinations, which will be unveiled only on the day of departure. From Hawaii to Los Angeles, via Paris or Africa, you can really end up anywhere.

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