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Packing perfect luggage basically means three things: to have everything needed for any opportunity that may arise, be always elegant/tidy with a few clothes, and avoid the unnecessary weight.

To succeed in this, it is something that takes a little patience, but above all, you will need some clear rules right away. Otherwise, we risk finding ourselves creating huge piles of clothes, piled on the bed, with no consistency. We risk finding ourselves sitting on the suitcase, try to close the zip, with the risk of an explosion. We risk to arrive at the destination, and, in the pile of clothes chosen, to find ourselves having forgotten what we need. If you have recognized yourself in one of these situations, well, read on!

The first-ever rule for packing perfect luggage is to “think” the suitcase. In particular, think about what colors you will wear. Often friends ask me how can I leave for a long journey with a small bag or they believe I carry around my closet because every day they see me wearing different outfits.

The truth is that I use a very simple trick: Pick up clothes with ONLY TWO COLORS! I do so also when I have to choose technical clothing (as ski suits, thermal leggings or t-shirts and so on. It makes my life easier to waste less of my time!)

Packing perfect luggage: how to be both chic and smart, thanks to the law of colors!

Pick up two colors that match together,  for all the clothes.

One of the two colors must be neutral.

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Neutral color can be: black, white, beiges, light brown, grey, khaki or military green.

The other can be anyone that matches to the first, even declined in various shades (ex. light and dark pink, or blue, light blue, powder blue.)

Add two dresses outside these shades. In practice, two dresses that act as exceptions to the rule, maybe because you love it or it fits perfectly on you; or because you bought it especially for the journey.

You can add a pair of jeans (or a jacket or shorts or a mini skirt). Consider it as a neutral color. Consider not to bring it if you are going to the Tropics: it can be too warm to wear and consider that the jeans add weight to your luggage!

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The same goes for shoes and/or accessories: same neutral tone or same color matching.

The number of clothes you bring will depend on you; the length of the journey; by type of trip (worldly, sports, simple, etc …); by the means of transport (plane or car, etc …)

Always add a black cotton leggings: perfect for small trekking or jogging at sunset, or, in an unexpectedly cold night, you can wear them under comfortable trousers.

Bring always a black swimsuit, both for the sea as for the mountains (perhaps you could slip into a spa!) Uhm…and I do not need to explain why and for which days!

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The same rules apply to men when packing luggage. Leaving aside the issue of the leggings and black swimsuit without further explications!?

Result of the color rule: a suitcase for the perfect “mix and match”

The advantage of adopting this simple rule (which is not the only one, but the first one to make your life easier!) is intuitive:

Mix and match: that the victory of transformation! Any piece will be mixable and can be combined with other things, allowing you to turn a short dress useful for going to the seaside in the day, in a nice low-cut top for the evening to be combined with trousers or jeans. Or allowing yourself, in an unexpectedly cooler evening,  to cover in layers, although being “elegant and coordinated.” In short, you can make a “mix and match” different each time, turning the clothes you have with you, depending on the occasion.

Don’t waste your precious time! In this way, you won’t have to spend hours watching your closet to make up your combinations! You will have the chance to use that same time to arrange a better trip, instead!?

Best photos: With the color system, in addition to having a perfect suitcase to answer all the deals, you will get a further advantage not to be underestimated: a greater number of more sophisticated photos! As you may be dressed in a simple T-shirt, the result of a stunning landscape behind you while wearing the yellow and green Australia-shirt,  along with a red suit and a cap taken at random, it will do a little ‘souvenir of Mr. Bean holiday” photo effect! While one short torn jeans and a white salty T-shirt or a white open shirt will put you right away on an elegant Helmut Newton’s style photo, that you will want in a frame as soon as possible!

One more little tip is to avoid, among the neutrals colors (unless you really can’t do without!) to use black or very dark colors, especially if you are traveling in hot countries and if your trip will be low cost. A little black dress can be taken as one of the extras colored clothes I was mentioning in the previous rules, that it is always a master key! But black, in my experience, is a color with a number of disadvantages when traveling on the road, you might not have ever thought!

Well, revealed the king of tricks for packing a perfect luggage, I can tell you that there are other rules so to make your life easier each time you need to leave! For example, making lists of your needs, created from your experience, drawn up according to the type of trip you are about to face.

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