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The popular travel portal eDreams has analyzed thousands of its customers’ reviews, to know the most popular carriers by travelers during 2015. Here are the results of the study.

The study of eDreams is based on the analysis of about 90,000 reviews of its customers who had expressed on the quality of the carriers with whom they have flown in the past year.

The general rank

To win the overall ranking was the Luxair Luxembourg, awarded by travelers thanks to a combination of factors including cleanliness and modernity of its airplanes, the high level of customer services, and the quality of its VIP lounges at airports. Below the overall standings with the top 10:

1. Luxair

2. Austrian Airlines

3. Swiss International Air Lines

4. Aegean Airlines 

5. Lufthansa

6. Turkish Airlines

7. Aer Lingus 

8. Scandinavian Airlines 

9. Air Berlin 

10. Tap Portugal 

The other categories

The travel site has also drawn more detailed rankings, broken down by specific categories:

  • Most modern airlines: Delta Air Lines, Luxair, Aer Lingus.
  • Most comfortable airlines: Delta Air Lines, Flybe, Turkish Airlines.
  • Best service on board: Swiss International Air Lines, Turkish Airlines, Aegean Airlines.
  • Best Companies for Vip Zone: Austrian Airlines, Ukraine International Airlines, Luxair.
  • Best price/quality ratio: Turkish Airlines, Swiss International Air Lines, Norwegian Air.
  • Best entertainment on board: Turkish Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Luxair.
  • Best Check-In Service: Lufthansa, Scandinavian Airlines, Austrian Airlines.
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