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What better advice for the realization of “beach constructions” than the Renzo Piano, one of the most famous Italian architects in the world?

The Genoese designer, who in August 2013 was appointed Senator for Life, interviewed by Rosanna Greenstreet of The Guardian, says he learned to think big already as a child, when he was playing with the sand on the beach, and reveals his tips to build a sandcastle. As tells to the reporter, with four children, of which the oldest is 50 years old and the youngest 16, despite its vast portfolio of prestigious projects, has never given up the building of sandcastles with his children!

The important thing is to think like a child!

The 4 tips by Renzo Piano to build a sand castle

The relationship with water is the most important aspect of the castle

“First of all must be clear that building a sandcastle is an ephemeral operation. Do not have too many expectations because it is going to last very little, mainly because it will be swallowed by the waves. For this reason, should not be placed too close to the sea, but not too far away from the shoreline: the relationship with the waves and the study of their movements is one of the most enjoyable aspects of the process. It sounds more complicated than it is, but, on the contrary, is simple and instinctive.”

The mathematics of the sandcastle

“Realize a kind of ditch with hands in the point in which the sand has been left wet by the waves. The ditch should not be deeper than about 30 cm. Group the sand in the form of a small mountain about 60 cm high, with an ‘inclination of the sidewalls of about 45 degrees. ”

There is no castle without a moat

Dig a trench linking the furrow around the castle with the sea: it will allow the waves to enter. The moment when the water fills the gap and makes it alive is magical. If you chose the right location for the castle, you can stay looking at the water also scroll for 10-15 minutes. To capture the image in memory, close your eyes when the water enters the ditch. ”

Go home without turning back

“The final touch: a flag or anything else you find, to be placed on the top of the castle. It will make it more visible to the people running on the beach.

Then go home without turning back. ”

Simple and efficient, isn’t it? Do you like to build sandcastles? Do you like the sculptures made with sand? Leave a comment below!

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