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London City Airport has compiled a fun list with the goods most seized at the security checkpoint.

How many times have you happened to pass through security at the airport and see you seize some object?

It seems easy to remember all that is forbidden to carry in your hand luggage and yet, often, the oversight is lurking.

London City Airport has just published a ranking of the most fun and strange objects seized from hand luggage. One way to remind travelers about some rules that tend to be forgotten before the flight.

The article most often seized is the snowball, typical London souvenirs, containing a solution based on water in amounts exceeding the 100 ml allowed, violates the rules of air travel. There are also many strange objects seized by security agents. Last April, for example, a security team member has noticed a dark mass on the screen of the X-rays and found that it was 40,000 undeclared pounds.

But who are conscious travelers? According to the research of the London City Airport, the Dutch (only 9% had problems at the controls), while the more distracted were the Spaniards (27% caught).


Safe flying: the most seized items at the airport

It may seem harmless but contains liquid (greater than 100 ml allowed by law). That is why the snowball, romantic gift, is the object most seized.



For gourmand palates jams of Fortnum & Mason is one of the most sought after souvenirs. Beware, though: are considered liquids and in most cases exceed the 100 ml permitted.



Shaving foam, razor, aftershave fluid. The need to shave while traveling often makes forget the impossibility to bring on board these goods, for both the amount of liquid (often exceeding 100 ml), and to the danger of the blade. For this, these articles are in third place of property confiscated at London City Airport.



If you are greedy be careful: the temptation to buy a nice jar of Nutella abroad (where it is often sold in sizes and original size) is so great. Store it in the luggage, otherwise, it will be confiscated, as happens to many travelers.



From London City Airport pass many foreigners. Many come from (or leave to) Asia and bring with them jars of chutney, typically made of vegetables and spiced sauce. Be careful, though: if the jar exceeds 100 ml will be confiscated, as often happens.



In sixth place of the confiscated property at London City Airport is the olive oil. If you really want to buy it, put it in the suitcase that will go into the hold, wrapped in a towel.



It seems obvious, but the wine cannot be bought on board if exceeds the amount of 100 ml. Yet it is in seventh place of the goods seized at London City Airport.



Who goes in Britain may be tempted to take home beer or whiskey. Be careful: it is not allowed to take it on board (if it exceeds 100 ml) and you will be forced to leave it at the security checkpoint.



One of the most popular spreads in Britain. For these many buy it to take it home. The jar, however, exceeds 100 ml and, therefore, is always confiscated at the airport if carried in hand luggage.



It seems strange but the plush handcuffs are the tenth most seized object at London City Airport security checks. In fact, it is dangerous for safety, bring them on board. If you really want them, place them in the hold.

This was the top ten. And the strangest?



The strangest objects that tourists have tried to bring on board inside the hand luggage is the shampoo for dogs. It is a liquid, and as for all liquids, if it exceeds 100 ml is forbidden to carry on board.


Have you ever been halted at the airport security control? What did happen? Leave a comment below!

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