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Life in the open air, first of all, helps to sleep better and to fight insomnia, thanks to the new generation inflatable mattresses that are more comfortable but above all thanks to exposure to natural light.

This is confirmed by a research published in the journal Current Biology, conducted in the United States by some researchers of the University of Colorado, according to which exposure to natural sunlight favors the synchronization of the biological clock by decreasing melatonin levels during “last hour of sleep: in this way you will feel more active upon awakening”.

The consequence will be an improvement in the physical state and mood: in fact, staying in a campground, being more spartan than in the hotel, pushes to activate and burn more calories, with benefits for the physical condition as well as to stay in shape.

But not only: camping also improves sex.

According to some surveys, 80% of couples sleeping in tents have more sexual activity. The contact with nature in fact awakens its primordial instincts and the “forced” proximity with the partner promotes intimacy. No TV and often no Internet: the absence of the usual distractions leads to distraction with the pleasant pastime of sex.

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Let’s go camping, then?

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