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One of the places that enchanted me most when in Japan is definitely Shibuya, the youngest and busiest district in Tokyo.

There is no rush hour, at any time of the day and night we find hundreds of people passing through that crossroad.

Shibuya: the most crowded intersection in the world
source: flickr.com

As soon as you leave the station, you find yourself catapulted into a world of lights and sounds, crowded with a multitude of people.

The distinctive points of this place are certainly the statue of the dog Hachiko and the world’s most crowded intersection.

When the vehicles stop their march, pedestrians begin to cross the intersection in all its sides, even diagonally.

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Visiting Tokyo and not crossing the intersection of Shibuya is unthinkable, it may seem simple and simplistic but I could still be there to watch the crowd that respectfully crosses these streets.

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