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The accommodation, surrounded by nature, overlooks directly where it is possible to observe the infinite, that exact point where the boundaries between sky and sea are canceled.

Immersed in an idyllic landscape where wild nature and ancient traditions have coexisted for centuries, there is a dream accommodation, a place of departure and arrival for all adventurers able to uniquely characterize the entire travel experience. It is a lighthouse that overlooks directly where it is possible to observe infinity, that exact point where the boundaries between sky and sea are canceled, where a sweet lullaby that accompanies the dreams of guests peeps out at night.

Sleeping in a lighthouse on the Scottish coast: the dream experience

We are located inside the Lighthouse Point, the former lighthouse keeper’s quarters, with breathtaking views of the sea and the whole of Argyll and Bute. The lighthouse, inaugurated in 1812, has now been used as a luxury cottage that offers all the comforts to travelers, but above all allows you to regenerate and regain your energy at the first glance at the surrounding landscape.

Sleeping in a lighthouse in Scotland

Accommodations have become increasingly important in the choice of destinations for our travels, because it is their job to transform experiences, to make them even more unique and extraordinary. Thus, in recent times, new and unprecedented proposals have been placed side by side with hotels and traditional accommodation facilities. Among these are also the lighthouses.

We can then set off to discover the wonderful, wild and suggestive Scottish coasts and stay inside a lighthouse located in Argyll and Bute, the region of the west coast of Scotland, which borders the Highlands, known for its wild beauty.


The accommodation, then, is equipped with all comforts. From the sleeping area with a king-size bed to the living area with veranda. There is, of course, a fully equipped kitchen.

This is where you can disconnect from everything and everyone, retreat to the cozy interiors and enjoy the sweeping ocean views that bathe the county of Argyll. A perfect retreat for those looking for peace and tranquility, a new and extraordinary connection with authentic and primordial nature.

A taste experience is also added to the peace and calm. The Lighthouse Point, in fact, is the perfect starting point to discover the most famous whiskey distilleries in the world, located right in the villages and cities of this region.


Argyll and Bute: what to see and what to do

The lighthouse, bookable on Airbnb, is located near the small village of Innellan. Here you can experience a lifestyle of other times in the name of tranquility and spend carefree evenings in the only pub in the area. At about 7 km, however, we find the tourist and lively city of Dunoon, the perfect starting point to reach Glasgow or the other points of interest in the surrounding area such as the picturesque islands that characterize the whole territory.

The beauty of this area allows you to create a personalized itinerary that sees nature as the absolute protagonist. From Innellan you can set out to discover Argyll and Bute, its countryside and its coastline places that host and preserve an incredible fauna. As many are the hiking trails and the turns out of town to go and discover the wonders of the area.

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