Spend money on travel makes us happy

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New items are exciting just at the beginning, while a trip lasts forever.

According to what has emerged from the study “A Wonderful Life: Experiential Consumption and the Pursuit of Happiness,” published by the Journal of Consumer Psychology, spend money for traveling makes us happy.

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The trips, in fact, are part of the so-called experiential purchases and offer greater satisfaction and happiness for three important reasons:

1) are able to improve social relationships more easily and effectively than simple material goods;

2) constitute the largest part of the identity of a person;

3) have few social comparisons with respect to the purchase of tangible property.

As explained by Dr. Thomas Gilovich, professor of psychology at Cornell University, “We buy things to be happy. And we also are, but for a short time. New things are exciting just at the beginning, but then we get used to them. ”

How to prolong the feeling of happiness, then? The real and lasting satisfaction comes from experiential purchases, such as a trip, for example, that can be done alone or in a company.

According to the study, a journey represents a new chapter in our lives, not only gratifies us and allows us to discover new worlds, but it helps to form part of our identity, leaving an indelible mark in our lives, making us long-term happy.

The key to happiness could be tied to the trip and the money better spent are the ones to go on vacation.

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