Stockholm underground: the largest art gallery in the world

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The Stockholm subway is also a fantastic art gallery. The 100 stations are home, in fact, of the amazing works and design creations of 150 artists.

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Have you ever been to Stockholm? One more reason to visit the Swedish capital is undoubtedly its subway. Strange only to hear, but it’s true.

A real art gallery: more than 100 stations for the art installation of as many artists. For Swedish commuters, it is a little how-to travel in a very long museum, so much so that the gallery is also known as “the largest art exhibition in the world”. Let’s dive than in the underground maze to find all the treasures that house thanks to the shots of the photographer Alexander Dragunov and The Guardian.

The biggest museum in the world

Inaugurated in 1950, the Stockholm underground area is made up of 100 stations, 47 of which are located underground. All commuters who use the train as well as thousands of tourists who visit the metro stations without necessarily taking the trains to visit every day.

Visit the Stockholm subway is like visiting a museum and every tourist would need a guide. The environments are gorgeous and seem always ready to accommodate the plot of a movie. Inside the underground galleries, you can find sculptures, paintings, mosaics, permanent installations, and artifacts, many of which go back directly to the ’50s.

Buying a metro ticket you can then participate in a guided tour of five stations. If you have less time, you can see for yourself the underground buying an ordinary ticket and turn to the most important and fascinating stations. Vera Nilsson and Siri Derkert launched the project in the fifties.


The most fascinating stops

If you ask a Swede which Metro you should definitely visit, then the answer will fall certainly on T-Centralen, the central station, whose walls are covered with tiles and reliefs of the’ 50s. It was the first station to have an artistic feature, in 1957. Generally is the Blue Line which homes the most beautiful art installations. The Solna Centrum Station (blue line) is characteristic of the unique cavernous red ceiling. For some reminiscent of a blood vessel. Do not miss a station fully decorated by children, the Hallonbergen. Crossing the Kungsträdgården, instead, it seems to go back in time to the surreal. Finally, some stations are home to works of art that change in rotation, such as the photographs at Mariatorget stop.

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